August 28th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

short and to the point

News Briefs

I had my teeth cleaned Wednesday by a tres cute hygenist who used a set of tools I'm relatively sure Jack the Ripper utilized during his impromptu alley surgeries. Just for anyone who has their dentist say, you need your teeth scaled.

Close. Your. Eyes. Trust me on this one.

Double hooked sharp things. Two of them. And they make NOISE. Creepy, strange, what are you doing with my teeth and WHY dammit noise.

So also, bring headphones.

Also, another dental appointemnt in my future. No earlier than November if I have anything to say about it. Stupid teeth.

Went to a memorial service today of a guy I didn't know because my mother was friends with his mother. It was very--I don't know the word. If it brought comfort to his family and friends, then more power to them.


To Siamese Twins -- fixed the link! Anything else I missed? Also updated email addresses for art and so forth.

Once and Again added to otherfic page. All my love to destina, who was ruthless with style cuts. *hugs* That makes--three stories there. That's a sad, sad little page.</p>

Third day of hostage to allergies. No headache, that's nice, but the entire runniness thing is not doing much for me here. The ewwwness of my life never ends.

I need entertainment. Or more paper towels and tissue. Whichever.