August 25th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

lots of territory being covered here

It's like I can't stop *talking*. To my journal. My goodness. Also, I'm waiting for a download, and since I live in the internet stone age still, I can't hit update and load this OR get on AIM until it's done. Grrr. Want broadband more than sex at this point.

All About Sisabet

sisabet released a new QaF video. I think now is a good time to open debate on whether we should name a holiday after her.

Annnytime y'all are ready.

Useless Autobiographical Moment

In less important news, I'm staring vaguely at this weird habit I picked up around the time I went through my pseudo-pagan phase, circa 1987-1989.

I'm telling you, The Mists of Avalon was a trip and a half when you get it at the ripe old age of eleven.

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News Briefs from Jennland

I lost my check card. If it's stolen, I pity teh person who has it. There's enough on there for gum. Maybe. Very cheap gum.

Stupid leather jacket.


Update on the Hermit Crab Situation

No, this isn't a new STD. Much lower maintenance. The four still live, despite our best efforts in taking care of them. Like plants, I've noted the less time I spend around something, hte more likely it is that it will survive. Take this mint that's currently taking over the front yard. I ignored it and boom, there it goes. Then there's that ivy I watered daily that died slowly and painfully before my eyes.

You see a pattern? Ask me one day about the ex-boyfriend's cactus I killed. Yes, I killed a *cactus*. I'm pretty sure that was instrumental in our breakup. That and the gay. But that cactus had to be the turning point.

Apparently, insomnia is becoming a bad habit. I'm not just hyper--there's this huge restlessness that wants me out and about and doing things. Anything.

Still fiddling with Once and Again. Somehow, I managed to do that thing I hate and combined two different themes, therefore frustrating me with it's weirdness.


I haven't acutally done anything, but I did add during the redo a section of fic quotes. It's pretty identical to the one I had in my diaryland diary a while back. I need to add more--I could swear I did another set in LJ at some point, but I have no idea where it is. And frankly, I'm scared to look. I really post too much.


This disgustingly good mood continues apace, vaguely surreal and not a little scary. Part of it has to be the fact that I no longer have future major dental surgery to contemplate. Part of it is writer's block broke in a big way. Part of it is that work is actually better with the number system.

Of course, that Guy At Work thing I thought was resolved in my passive aggressive way didn't resolve until Saturday and I'm not entirely sure if it is *now*. The thing is, I'm very aware I'm overreacting. But. Here's the thing.

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I'm still awake and getting more hyper by the second. I need something to do. Dammit.


Maps and Legends, by that inestimably wonderous pair Rachel Anton & Laura Blaurosen, is updated with an entire new section. We looove them. Okay, I'm getting freaked by myself talking in the first person plural. So let's move on.

jaymalea sent me this one, and I recognized the name from my time in X-Men movieverse. I am in adoration of running across authors I know like this, when they're this good. *grins*

All in the Timing, a Five Things challenge fic. by Rei Kinneas. Oh MAN, this was interesting. No spoilers, just read and mull. Love love love.
I can't see that I recced this, and I don't know WHY. Crap. Did I and forget?

silviakundera, blessings to you, wrote The Law of Diminishing Returns. No spoilers. Stunningly stylistic, vivid, GOOD. Wow.

And because she rocks....

Here and here are The Continuing Adventures of Brian, Justin, and Justin's boyfriend.

Snipped bit from it. Don't drink *anything* beforehand.


The kid made decent eggs, terrible coffee, and he said, "It's different this time. Justin and I, we're real."

"Just so you know, this is my impressed face. It may look as if I'm contemplating whether or not you have the IQ of a gerbil, but make no mistake. I'm riveted."</i>


Isn't she utterly *fantastic*?

Hernias are totally in my future.

Fandom Is *Really* Damn Small

Jaymalea sending me to Rei was beyond cool, because it's almost at the point where no matter what fandom I happen to run across, *someone* I know and like is, has, or is planning to write in it. This is good and bad, because I'm also running across authors I remember loathing so much that if I were the type (and had a working printer), I'd print the stories out specifically to take them outside and *burn* them ritually.

Okay, maybe I'm a *little* melodramatic, but still.

It's vaguely surreal.

I'm also thinking that Michael, Lana Lang, and Jean Grey should get a support group together, called "Why Am I the Evil Bitch All the Time?" The parallels are becoming eerie. Not that I object to character destruction when I'm in the mood to read it. It's just funny as hell. Clark could make brief appearances as a guest speaker from those charming days post-Insurrection and Suspect, when we all were--tetchy with him. Justin and Lex and Scott and Tom Paris from Voyager could relate how many times they get beat up in fanfic and who had the most concussions and who got tortured the most.

I'm utterly charmed. I really am.

Okay, download done and I need to inflict these kind of Deep Thoughts on Beth now, before she reads this and realizes she should hide, because I am so very wired.