August 24th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

qaffic: once and again

Normally, I'd take the opportunity to blame someone else for this one, but I can only blame myself. That and the fact I actually got OUT OF BED to finish this, because damned if any story is going to sit on my hard drive and mock me like this one has.

I really, really need chocolate right about now.

jaymalea however, didn't let me STOP, which may be close enough.

Anyone want to beta or can I start repressing now?

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children of dune - leto 1

it's way too late to be up and reccing and i don't care

I'm awake anyway. What the hell. I'll sleep when I'm dead. Or when I pass out unexpectedly while doing something insanely unproductive as, you know, work. Priorities, priorities.

Maps and Legends by my new favorite obsession, sparkledark, and yes, it's unfinished, but I'm basically a junkie at this point. Trust me, go read now and you'll be insanely happy. Because I honestly to God cannot imagine anyone else using condiments for impromptu art and making it so much fun. Hurry and finish. Please.

Better Than Ice Cream by Kelly. It was a long and twisty path to get to her, since it required A.) Jaymalea saying, this LJ has recs! and B.) Going to this journal and finding the rec then C.) the junkie thing taking over when I realized it was UNFINISHED and imagine that, I kept on reading. It's good. That's the important thing. Very, very good.

Irresistable by s.a., and she wrote SV and so I just jumped and went oooh. Because completley expectedly, it's good. Stylistic, which I adore when it's done this well, and sweet and well, you get the idea.

Happy. Be happier if these were, you know, FINISHED, but happy.
children of dune - leto 1

things that still make me cry ridiculously

(a)...end of Titanic. Right, I know, I'm just a prostitute for the entire industrial-entertainment conglomeration that runs the world and Leonardo di Caprio is the antiChrist, but I. Don't. Care. Watching large ships go down while musicians keep playing and all those people dying? I get a flat thirty minutes of pretty much relentless crying.

Moments that are the whimperiest.

Old people in bed, waiting for the water.

Two kids in bed, waiting for the water.

Captain with his steering wheel, waiting for the water.

Musicians playing, waiting for the water.

You see a theme here?

Though there's this one unintentionally, I'm sure, break-moment where this lady slides on her stomach ALL the way down the Titanic's deck and instead of weeping for her death, I stop and wonder how many splinters she got in her stomach and how uncomfortable that must be right before going on to a watery grave. It's bad enough to drown in freezing water, but imagine all that salt water in those open cuts, stinging! *shivers*

(b) Armageddon. I'll say it before, I'll say it again. The eternal love of Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck's characters is liken unto Romeo and Juliet, but without everyone dying and a lot less in the way of sex. If that entire death thing wasn't hanging over my head, I'd be all over them. Stupid reservations regarding undead sex. Bah. That entire damn movie is a river of woe for me. From the second they start boarding the ship until Bruce dies in a flare of white.

(c) Tarzan, Disney version. I don't even want to hear it. The song and the parents building their little house--gets me EVERY time. I'd blame Elton John and hormones, but I've watched it too many times to keep that kind of excuse on hand. And the mommy ape! Come ON.

(d) Pearl Harbor -- see, prostitute for the entertainment industry, I am totally their market. But all those people banging to get out of the ships? Roosevelt standing up to make the speech at the table? Gah. Hurts.

(e) Anytime I re-read Winston Churchill's speech regarding how England wouldn't ever give up during WW II, and the really embarassing part is, that one happened the first time in class, which got me no points with anyone.

(f) Buffy fifth season finale. Spike's expression. Buffy's speech while falling. This perfect second when you give up and let go. Last ten minutes, I and the kleenex are one. Still does it to me, even now. I was still crying on AIM while chatting with Lena.

(g) Smallville, Ryan dying by inches in that bed.

(h) End of Darkstar's "Save the Last Dance for Me". Every. Fucking. Time. You'd think by now I'd be desensitized, but oh no. Dammit.

There, I've embarssed myself enough for one day.

Rec Correction

Maps and Legends, the wonderfulness that I was assured is finished and being polished AS WE SPEAK, is by Rachel Anton and Laura Blaurosen. My apologies. My only excuse is that I was so desperately grateful for readability I dind't pay attention to, you know, the authors.

To The Siamese Twins, I'm fixing that thing with the link, I swear. See below for explanation on why I haven't yet. *hugs* I'm so sorry.

Bored Out of My Mind

I considered redesigning my webpage again, but then I forgot the new password for the main directory, and I hate editing in WS_FTP. It hates me and also adds little blocks everywhere and everything is in a big paragraph instead of being spaced out correctly. Hate that. And I have actual editing to do! I do!

*sighs* However, I can still uplaod and download without trauma, so....

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I'm still working out the good/bad manners of vid reccing. Feel free to tell me to take it down if you're just terribly uncomfortable.

66 by sisabet. If I could literally boil down everythign I love about QaF into less than five minutes of images, this is what I'd use. It's fantastic.

Battleflag by sisabet. Again. See above.

Fast As You Can by silviakundera. Yep. Took me two days to make it download and my computer cooperate, and I won't waste energy explaining my hatred of my monitor for making everything os damn dark, because completely worth it.

Keep Me by silviakundera I want this song, dammit. Must look. Pretty. The cuddliness is unending.

Eleventh Hour by Mesa. I could swear I read it before it was recced by someone here, but I cant' be sure, and it was good, good, good. Love Justin. Just love him.

isilya gets creative as hell. Justin is thinking along with Michael. Short, sweet, and *true*. Hurts. I'm okay with that.


Slowly but surely, I'm trying to work my way through Across the Pond. I have a system to keep the trauma to a minimum. If the summary tells me the plotline and ending, I skip. If there is any kind of virtual giggling, I skip. If the title makes me roll my eyes, I skip. Basically, my MO in the SSA and Level_Three.

Now, that's level one sorting. Level two is usually where I get trapped and frantic, because once I start reading? Can't stop. Train wreck in progress? Can't stop. Turns suddenly Brian/Michael with rugrats and a picket fence and pet dog unexpectedly? Can't stop. Have to read to the bitter, bitter, bitter end, and this could be (i) on 'things that make me cry ridiculously'.

And by the way? Nestle Treasures? The way to enlightenment. Especially the coconut ones. I at least ten pieces further into enlightened *right now*.

Hmm. I need to make more icons. Soon.