August 21st, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

in which i'm in a fascinatingly good mood here

The number system went into effect today. Prepared for full-out comedy, with a touch of melodrama, considering where I work.

But really, this is hysterical.

I've explained my lucky, lucky position is the window directly in front of the door. So everyone always, always, *always* comes up to my window and hangs out for questions. Ignore the fact there are three open windows usually. I'm like Cheers or The Godfather or something. Though I don't know their names and professionally, I cannot ask for anything. Stupid ethics.

Anyway, in a fit of brilliance, Supervisor E (not my direct supervisor, but the one that spends the most time with us), upon deciding that yes, we at the front might actually know what we are talking about when we say the entire line-thing isn't working, forked up and instituted a number thingie. You know, a big thingermabob with numbers you pull out, and a happy little screen where the numbers show up. There are even buttons to play with!

Yes, I did play with them. Leave me alone.

Anyway, to achieve this, one of the two doors on my window had to be removed, giving it that trashy feel that we all know and love. Grr. But you know, sacrifices MUST be made. So I am Greeting Girl, who entices clients toward her to direct traffic. I am, in fact, a glorified and talking version of Expedia. Applications to that window. Appointments to that one. Take a number. Go cats go!

Whoops, my inner cheerleader got a second there. Must smash.


Super E made the announcement and I watched the confused expressions on everyone's faces. Liken unto Solomon, I sorted those buggers out by type and sent them on their way with a tiny piece of paper that decided their positions in the Great Scheme of Things. It was endlessly amusing.

What I can't often share is the sheer amount of melodrama that happens on a daily basis, but man, it just makes you realize that soap operas totally do not have a monopoly on bad acting. Because honestly? I'm probably not going to believe your pleas of desperate destitution when... drive a 2003 car. If the payments would be half my salary? I'm going to laugh at you. Deal with it.

Two...anytime the discussion turns to the fact you can't make your appointment due to your two week vacation in Hawaii. No, really, this is comedy gold, honey.

I'm aware there could be highly extenuating circumstances that could lead you to doing these things and still being destitute, but my imagination may not be that good to figure them out, 'kay? So stop yelling at me.


Customer Care

AnnoyingClient called. He sounded whiney and I answered his question and got off the phone with him. He had a distinctive voice, so surprise surprise, when he called back in the afternoon, I recognized him immediately.

I asked him waht he wanted.

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I'm beginning to miss the endearing tastelessness of "See Girlz With Barnyard Anamals!", as in lieu of that, I'm getting tons of that idiotic virus. Raise your hands--how many of us are dumb enough to open attachments from anyone we don't know? Hell, I don't open attachments from people I *do* know unless I get an AIM confirmation of contents first. So really. Gah.


I settled down on an idea I ran by jaymalea for a QaF fic. It sucks, but then again, my first stories usually do. I'm trying to get a voice for the characters, but I'm running into my biggest roadblock--I write as I read.

I've moaned about this before--months of stalking Te lead to my current adoration for the third person limited, single pov. Present tense, even. It's not something I want to get away from either. I like it, and it makes me happy. And the fact that some people really hate it only makes it that much more attractive.

QaF fandom is past tense, first person, or mult-pov, still first person, with a leavening of thirds around, but nothing, and I repeat this, nothing like anyone in SV. I don't really like writing first person unless the story actually requires it, which for me, some did, but it's not my default and never has been. But again--write as I read, and I'm reading a LOT of first person, which means, when I start writing, I am literally flipping switches between my default and what I've most recently been exposed to. It's an effort either way, to be honest--the sheer amount of first person Justin POV erodes my third badly. But--I just can't write him like that. Hence, I get stuck.

This is an Ungood Thing. So shoot me for being easily led.

Anyway, I thought I'd toss a snippet out and see if it feels as weird as I think it does. Set post 3-10 or roundbouts, but don't chisel that in stone or anything.

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jaymalea recced this snippet to make me all giggly. It worked.

B/J snippet. Heh. I want the rest of it now. Now now now.

Inspiration by Circe. Heh. Okay, that was cute. And double first persons that I really enjoyed reading. Much funness. And I'm a sucker for jealousy, 'kay?

Good mood back. I am so not going to worry how long it's going to last.