August 15th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

wind, caution, throwing things, etc


It hurts. IT feels weird. There are sutures. I think we've disucssed this before. Take two.

Work, I

Vaguely unsettled, there's a guy.

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Work, II

So I had this idea. To make a handout explaining how to use the internet for job searches. Earlier this week, the computers at work caught The Virus That Is Really Damned Annoying, and I had time on my hands. So I drew up an outline to make a handout.

Now I'm just realizing that explaining is way, way harder than, say, actually DOING. I mean, how do you explain it? Click on IE icon. Type in address. Hit enter. I mean, it seems easy enough to me, but I'm helping peopel who don't regularly use a computer. I'm trying to keep it simple--an explanation of how to use the internet, the top three search engines and how to use them, and a list of links to websites that have job things on them, like the Governor's Job Bank and Austin360. You know, make it simple, so to speak. I got permission from one of the supervisors to do so. Life is good.

The handout I did on pregnancy seems to be okay--I handed it out in pilot form to three women who asked for services that just happened to be listed on there. Very nice. Pleasing, even. I wish I could get my hands on a really high quality printer and do a few really excellent ones to copy off of, but oh well.


For the first time since I landed on the internet, I'm a girl without a fandom.

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The Color Series by Triskyfic. I had to think a lot about this one, since the theme thing going through it was sometimes distracting, but a few re-reads, it became less so and the story's solid and fun to read. I've done five re-reads--usually, at this point, I have to say I really enjoy it. A lot.