August 10th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

weirdness in being social

Webpage Things

If you were unfortunate enough to hit my webpage in the last few days, you'll note Weird Things abound. That's because, true to form, emotional uncertainty = redesign the webpage. I'm going for the lowest maintenance look possible. And leaves are pretty.

If anything looks too out of whack, email or post here. It's very WiP and there's so many damn pages, I'm not actually sure I hit all the major ones. All links should now be active.

Also--I will not write QaF fic. I will not. I will NOT. I will read-only in this fandom. Because it's a nice, comfy fandom in which I will never feel the need to do anything but loaf. I mean it. Dammit.

In Which I Actually Try Out That Social Life Thing

Because I figured, at some point, I deserved to have one night where I forgot everything, even myself.

Whoo boy. That went a little differently.

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QaF recs

Actually, I have a LOT, but I didn't bookmark them all and need to find them again.

Here's a few I remember.

Author: London

A very, very spare style that took some getting used to. It felt a little jerky at first, but it was also nicely paced and I liked how she developed things in all four stories. Read read read.

Author: Arabella O'Reilly

Bail, The Morning After, and Issues. First season, a really GOOD Justin and a really unfortunate bit of circumstance. And no, I would never, ever call Michael to bail me out of jail. Never, never, never.

Whipped Topping by ScrewtheDaisies. Heh. I like this Justin.

So. Must work on webpage eventually and also, make brownies. I feel that this is a brownie day.
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