August 4th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

where did you get crabs?

You have crabs?

See, this is a question, no matter where you are, that just will never, ever sound good. Even at the beach. Even when you're holding a box of said crabs, bought for Child because, apparently, these are lower maintenance pets than the average rock.

"Honey, did you pick up your crabs over there?"

"Hey, where did you get crabs?"

"I want crabs, mommy!"

Jesus. I haven't blushed like that for years.

Yeah, this is what I remember from vacation. Not my conspicuous consumism or the fact I managed to sunburn my back, not a highly, highly overpriced bathing suit, a sudden double period, the three kind of scary guys that tried to pick me up--literally, I was taking a walk with child--in the middle of a fucking street, and not THREE DAYS with a two year old, a four year old and a six year old or the nice horse that decided to test my riding abilities every few minutes.

No, I remember the various ways that question was shouted and asked and remember thinking, dear God, this sounds so very bad.

The Edible Version

I had snowcrab.

You've read my LJ, you know what i consider food. One crustacean makes hte list, lobster. Crabs are being added, only because I didn't get sick eating them. I don't know how I actually feel about them yet.

By rights, I should love them. I love things that make me work for them. And those fucking crabs required me pounding away with a knife at the shell to get at miniscule bits of meat trapped inside, and damned if I didn't burn off more calories getting to them than actually eating them.

But--they look like giant, split spiders.

Seriously. It was disturbing. Floating in the water, half a spider, all--moving and stuff. I can't decide if I like them. I'm just relieved I managed to EAT any of them. Very rich, I'll give you that.

Other Stuff

Spent far, far too much money. Bought four *FOUR* hermit crabs, as they are The Pet of the YEar, along with insturctions to care for them, extra shells for when they grow, and I have no idea how this happened.

My son has HERMIT CRABS.

And doesn't it sound a lot less disturbing with that descriptor?

Anyway. Backlog of email I'm scared to look at. Bemused to see at least four debates I thought were dead are back and alive and kicking again, and my face isn't sunburned (possibly due to the fact I sunblocked every five minutes) and God, I am tired.

Isn't vacation supposed to be, you know, RELAXING?

If anything interesting happened, point the way, 'kay? There's no way in hell I'm going to make it through a quarter of what's in my To Read Box before next month.

Going to go soothe my nerves with my QaF tapes.
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