July 27th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

oral surgery

...coming up tomorrow. Let us count the ways this makes me miserable. No, let's not.

gem225 sent me the COOLEST mix CDs, to which I listen now. Chica, you rock amazingly. I am SO out of decent music. Again. As is my lot. I burn through it too fast writing. But TWO CDS.....

*happy sigh* You are amazing.

The Treasury

For those following along, group four is up. Yes, it's long. Yes, it's very long and accounted for half the total nominations. Yep, that's a lot of stories. Around five hundred, come to think.

Yes, I'm amused.


Vacation this weekend! Well, minivacation. In which I shall sit on the beach in shorts and pretend bathing suits don't exist and look for cool things to show girlinthetrilby when she comes down in October. Horseback riding, honey. Yes, we are. Just deal. Bring sunscreen.


Soothing Things:

1.) Oreos, chocolate
2.) Brian, naked. He's like that a lot. Ask me how soothed I can be. Ask me how soothed I am RIGHT NOW.
3.) Chat with people who mock the same things I do.
4.) girlinthetrilby, rageprufrock, celli and jaymalea

Places to Go

From Woobie to Slut and Back Again: The Fandom Trends by blueraccoon Okay, so I broke vacation, but she sent me the link and everything! How was I supposed to resist with a title like that? Insightful essay into the themes that cross fannish boundaries everywhere and the reasons why.


Because I'm still reading.

Give by Lane Carson. Oh this is lovely. Slow, moist, evocative style, unusual choice in point of view. And did I just use moist to describe a story and not a cake? Yes I did. You'll see.

I Know What You Wished For by Lane Carson. Post season one. Just read straight through. You'll like. AND it has a sequel!

Things I Don't Care About

I am the epitome of non-stressed at the moment. I am going to time it and see how long it lasts. *grins*