July 15th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

insta!rec -- Five Things That Never Happened to Lex Luthor...and other stuff

Reason four thousand nine hundred eighteen that I love rivkat.

Five Things That Never Happened to Lex Luthor. I wish I could hit everything I loved, but every bit of it would spoil, so go with the fact that number four was--man. And number five? Oh yes. And number one? Ooh.

Notice all the non commital noises. And I didn't even get around to two and three, geh and whoa.

She rocks.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY musesfool. May it be filled with much Sirius/Remus, Eowyn, chocolate, and other lovely things, honey. *hugs*

Reorganized my hose by color. Lookie there, only two colors. That took a long time. Tore one pair on suit of armor (miniature) I recieved from sister for Chirstmas, kind of liked it, and scrapped it to make masks to play burlgar with Child later. I'm leading him to the dark side big time.

Why do I see myself testifying about this in court someday? *worries*

Am joining family on vacation beachward in a few weeks. This means, of course, bathing suit shopping, the single most terrifying experience of my life, and I'm counting the time I tried on sixteen (SIXTEEN) prom dresses in varying shades of pink before being allowed to settle back into black.

I did look at some of the bits, though, that are so cheerfully considered appropriate outdoor attire. I was thinking I'd like that twenties sort of look--ankle to wrist covered, maybe something in stripes, with a big floppy hat and very large sunglasses. Apparently, however, like the never ending stretches of capri pants that seemed to be assaulting me from every direction, the bits left from creating Barbie's wardrobe tied together with tiny bits of string are so the way to go.

It interests me in a morbid kind of way. Just looking at them reminds me of every inch of inexpertly placed fat and the sheer lack of cup size I have going on. There was this one that I sort of liked--a kind of top that went to just above the navel, adn cute little hot pants, which actually looked not only comfortable, but also like it might protect those bits that should never really come in contact with one hundred degree sun and the unfortunate abrasions of sand. It also would have required a mortgage to own.

It's cute. But no bathing suit is that cute. I'm leaning toward t-shirt and cut-offs again. I shall be viciously unfashionable and also? Boondocky. But comfy as well. Perhaps I should not have gotten my tooth fixed after all.


I have a new classification system for them.

Stories I'm Hiding From

Clexbrothers weird AU -- yeah, yeah, yeah, this one's old news and I've posted bits here.

Pretty When You're Mine -- I almost want to finish this simply because raincitygirl said in such a mournful tone that I probably wouldn't, as I am contrary like that.

Stories I'm Ignoring

Something Like Forgetting -- yes, I'm actively ignoring. Even whistling during.

Where No One Else Can Follow -- because I have no idea what to DO with it.

This, Too -- cowrite with Pru. I am pleased to say we are BOTH hiding AND ignoring it splendidly. And also? This sucker won't stop growing. I don't trust it. I keep expecting it to attack.

Bruce/Lex for Te -- because I'm malleable and she KNOWS that. And also, I can't get Bruce to do anything but stalk. Stupid weird boy.

Pretentiously Titled Fic -- aka, the one that accidentally got a plot. I was amusing myself by writing up a scene where Pete and Clark from Standing in the Common Spaces have another chat. Bah. Go away.

Stories That Annoy Me and Act Dumb

The Yard -- because it scares me and the outline I was dumb enough to make won't stop growing.

Rising - stupid AUness.

And the rest that I am pretending aren't there until I can deal with them.

With any kind of luck, they'll all go away.

How to...

Amuse yourself during break at work.

The break room has newly cleaned, waxed, polished, whatever floors--slick and slippery and I was in my non-slick shoes, which wasn't satisfactory at all. Since I go to lunch a half-hour early than most, I was in first, admiring the way the worn million-year old hallogen lights overhead turned the floor a perky shade of sick yellow, and considered the fact that the partition that separates it from the conference room was down.

In this room, you see, are chairs with wheels.

Nice, slick wheels. That sliddddeee.

You tell me what I spent fifteen minutes doing in the break room while I warmed up my lunch and waited for it to cool to eat.

I will just point out--man, that was fun.

And no one is going ot convince me that other people weren't doing it, too.

Today was serenely monotonous, filled with small annoyances, but I did get to overhear a client bitching out the senior clerk on the phone. That was a mistake on his part. The rest of us are kinda--leery, about being sharp with rude clients. She's sort of not. She gave him a three second warning and hung up the phone.

I want to be her when I grow up. She hung up with style and even a flourish.

Mmm. Flourish.

Made triple chocolate brownies from box, the best kind. Chock full of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, massive amounts of fat, oil, and tiny Hershey's kisses to make the chewy and the gooey.

Mmm. Cholesterol. (is that how you spell it?)

I want another one.