June 25th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

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The tooth is fixed. No longer shall I feel like I should be living on some mountain range, married to a close relative, chewing straw (thank you for that image, cjandre), and eating some sort of freshly killed game.

Oh yes. The Theme Song to the Beverly Hillbillies has totally left the building.

Guilty about missing work. Don't care. A surgical evaluation by whtaever the term is for the guy who removes teeth using surgery tomorrow morning. Planning to bring along something to cheer me up, like my will or something, while he's telling me of the horror of my back teeth. Also don't care. Looking forward to the fact that this weekend, I shall be writing a LOT. As is meant to be.

Got to see Child play t-ball. Amusment never ends, though the coach positioned himself strategically so Child could not build sand castles. Instead, Child amused self by flipping hat over and over and occasionally spinning in circles.

It's frightening when one sees WAY too much of oneself in their child.

Internet connection keeps going out. Very annoying.

Looked at QaF DVDs of Season One. Must start a savings account to buy. That is so sad to think about. An account for the yarn, an account for DVDs....

Still scared of The Ring, but now can logically think along with the terror. Can anyone, anyone, explain what the hell she was SUPPOSED to do exactly? I mean the reporter chick at the end, because man, I was stumped. Though I liked her solution. In a creepy way.

Now, to entertain yourselves, this is--possibly the oddest thread I've see in my LJ.

suz and kernezelda sing to each other

Yeah. I--am fascinated.

Fourth time kicked off tonight. Pattern. Dont' care. I have a TOOTH!

Also. *hugs* to taraljc just 'cause she's so damn cool. And keeps making tempting Firefly noises. Hmm. Must mull.
children of dune - leto 1

Insta!rec -- Lied

Read it now, choke laughing, and then read it again.

Lied by Mereid.

Gotta love a proactive Clark.

"Didn't Mr. Luthor bring a date?" A young woman breathed airily at Clark's
side. "He looks *so* handsome."

"He does, doesn't he?" Clark sighed, touching the back of his hand to his nose,
and sniffing a little. "He's so brave. After Troy, well. We didn't think he'd
ever go out in public again..."

I'm in love. *Happy*