June 24th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

dentists and their issues

Or rather, why I'm reconciled, since Mr. Dentist is fitting me in at two for checking on the chipped tooth. That only took two weeks of whining. *grins* I've had worse stats.

Started putting nominations in spreadsheets this weekend and working out how to verify which nominations came from which person at which time during what day. Of course, the obvious answer eluded me at first, until I remembered that each LJ post had a link, so therefore, documentation! Comforting, that.

Vaguely mopey with runny nose and short two at work. *sighs* Stupid training. I'm sure there's a positive to this one, but it's, frankly, exhausting as hell. I think about work and my head hurts. But, I'm becomign more poly in my translator choices--either that, or Juan's on vacation. Hmm.

Third night and still scared of The Ring. This isn't a record--witness my weeks of ickiness after Candyman and that bathroom stall thing that, should I have had any desire to be a doctor, vanished with that bit of intestinal trivia. Of course, I was like, eighteen when I saw that. You'd think a near decade later would, I don't know, help. Garrr.

I need--chocolate. And also, a really big pile of purple post-it notes. As I am down to yellow, and how creative can one be on yellow anyway?

Wonder if I can use a marker and MAKE them purple....
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