June 21st, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

svfic: attrition (WAS changed friends-page look and other things)

Friends page altered to match the main page of the Toybox, since I was remodeling it anyway. Thanks to isilya, doubtless right now drowning in HP goodness, for the style. *smooches* You rock.

Does it look too--bare? I was thinking of adding a picture or something to the top, but on the other hand, it really loads slow enough, so not so sure.

The nice thing about this is that my war with LJ code has actually helped me figure out the hieroglyphs. Okay, not well, but at least now I can see what on earht I'm doing.

Still can't figure out why time is bolded, though.

Okay. Today I will write. I will write something interesting.

Also, will post this. For koimistress, who was asking me what happened in RedClark'verse after Clark took the pheremone treatment and Lex decided free will was highly overrated. tstar78 and schmevil for pre-reads, because they enable me horribly. HORRIBLY.


Earlier parts are here by me (fourth of the Quartered: Subversion in Four Movements story) and here by koimistress.

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*whistles happily*