June 11th, 2003

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Unfortunately, the funniest thing that happened today is so contextual it won't make any sense to anyone who doesn't work where I do. This is one of the few times in my life I literally could NOT stop laughing. Laid on the keyboard, my instructor almost patting my shoulder because, seriously, only I could manage something like this.

Okay, I'll try it like this.

The new system that's being implemented around the end of the month is what we're being trained to use--a lot of automation for some basic tasks, new stuff, etc. Lots of stuff we're used to doing by hand, so expect me to lose any ability to write with a pen soon. Anyway, we were learning how to edit cases, and one of the exercises is to add a child to one of the cases.

Sounds simple, right?

It actually IS. I skipped a step by accident, but came back to it and finished up, then couldn't figure out why the program didn't tally right. Hmm, thought I, so I went to look. Child had been made Head of Household, which is basically a term for the parent of the family who made the application. I also had managed not to actually add him to anything except in this one record.

I'll fix! I thought. Easy.

One hour, forty five minutes later, Child was still there, still head of household, and not moving. I tried to delete him off the case--he would not delete. I took away his social security number and his ability to speak English--okay, that last part was just malice, but his Swahili was excellent, I might add. Nothing. Finally, my instructor leaning over me, I asked if I could kill him.

Between the two of us, we could not find the function that let us declare him dead.

Stupid Refusing To Die Fictional Kid on a Case. Unfortunately, these cases are what we've been building from the beginning of the course--I can't just delete it off and start over, because I don't have all the information anymore. So. Stupid Non-Dying Fictional Child is still there, still mocking me, and I cant' use that case to go any farther.

Okay, use this case, Instructor says, giving me a new case number that was around the same level as mine had been before Stupid Non-Dying Fictional Child refused to go away. This one I errored out on several times and it gave me a Please Call System Administrator warning when I was trying to add his school information. Huh, says professor. He found another one and watched entranced as I managed, and neither of us know how, to get the entire family disqualified.

He worked my first case and then my third, and could not figure out what on earth I'd managed to do. I could have found a bug in the system. Either that, he theorizes, or I emit a strange, magnetic forcefield of some kind that is, in fact, causing the computer to become the technological equivalent of insane.

Either those two, or, he said, looking me in the eye, or my work computer is, in fact, really that pissed about the technodultery.

I. Am. So. Tired. One more day. Even I can't crash a system in one day. I think.

Isn't it nice there's fic to read when I drag myself home?

":A HREF="http://www.livejournal.com/users/scribblinlenore/29585.html" TARGET="_Top">Billy Swanson</a>. Oh wow. Clark and Lana, Clark and Lex, and passion. The achingly slow, careful exploration and realization, almost inevitablity, just completely captivated me. Sad, painfully accurate Lana, wonderfully written Clark, and a Lex still avoiding. I love it. And you will too.

Quote of the Day

Has anyone ever actually freed a cock from its denim prison?

What's the procedure for that? Is there a parole hearing first? What if the cock is a repeat offender? Or if it's spent time in solitary? Does a plea for clemency help at all?

How about a record of good behavior?

I want to marry reetchick when I grow up. I really, really do.

Why I Friended You: Volume III

I swear, I was going to finish tonight, but I am fried. Hopefully, have enough energy to read porn. Or at least, look at it longingly.

*hugs to everyone*

No particular order here, just grabbing and answering as I can.

transtempts -- don't hate me--I don't remember the specific reason why I friended you originally, but I can tell you why I love reading your LJ. It's the Angel spoilers and occasional thoughts you have on it, amongst a LOT of other things, but that's what jumps out. I was SO not watching the damn show (in mourning for Doyle, you see). I avoided, avoided, avoided, then ran across something you posted before the Conner/Cordy thing and I was like, huh. Maybe.... *sighs* Now I'm addictd, dammit. Stupid show. *grins* And your daily commentary is a LOT of fun to read. Short, slightly ironic, and giggle-inducing at times.

goss -- it was the South Park thing--Beth sent me a ton of graphics on CD and I fell in love with those and had, had, had to find the creator. You know, as to keep up more easily and all. I love your art and your sense of humor, and I really get a huge kick out of your LJ. *grins* It just makes me happy.

edie22 -- I could not, for the life of me, find the log I made of some IRC chats, because that's where we met forever ago, but yeah. I liked chatting with you there and when you came to LJ, of course, HAD to keep up. Plus, EXTREMELY hot fic, and your LJ always has something vaguely off-beat about it that makes me want to come back and check it out.

ladyvyola -- I started reading your LJ when I was still in diaryland--it was just a good way to keep up with Ljdom and still stay where I was. *g* You crated and maintain that wonderful icon communtity I like to visit sometimes, and you're just so all-around nice that it's one of the few places I go when I just don't want anything even VAGUELY gripey floating around my head. *hugs* And you do some seriously good recs.

nestra -- Hmm. I think your reputation preceded you in this one--I'd read some of your work and enjoyed it, and when you came on LJ, really, had to keep up and see what you did. I like following what you do and how you do it, and you do some wonderfully diverse recs. LJ-stalking. It's all the rage. *g*


I have chocolate, tea (apricot, Bencheley), and porn. Okay. Relaxing commences....now.

But seriously? Stupid Fictional Kid IS going to die. I'm so feeling the deathy vibes here.