June 10th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

recs becaues i'm tired as hell

just...don't ask about my work computer and the errors out. just don't.

*breathes* Just TIRED. Dear God.

So. Recs I forgot last night while being temperamental.

Nereus Who Tells No Lies by thespike21 Adoration isn't enough. Post-Exodus Lex thinking, because seriously, he thinks ALL THE TIME. It's Spike, which makes it extraordinary, and this Lex?

What will it matter in the next life? He comes to it naked, grinning. Heart in hand.

I never learn, he tells the universe.

Best lines ever. *beaming*

More Nickyverse by dammitcarl Must sell soul to Jessica soon. This entire rental thing is stressing. I love Nicky. *sighs happily*

A Pale Distance by Nifra Idril. Wow. Whoever recced this on my LJ friends list? Thank you. Another just gorgeous piece, a Clark I love and want to marry Lex and have peace forever. *happy sigh* It's a unique view into Clark's head, and I like how she writes the character. Go for it.

Touch Therapy by fajrdrako. And don't we all wish our massages would turn out this good? I'll just leave it at that.

Raw by cjandre Mary Ellen? You might like this one. Hell, I LOVE this one and I have no actual kink for Alien!Clark. But--yeah. CJ takes an idea, spins it in circles, and lets it go to see what happens. And wow, does a lot happen. Fascinating look at a very, very alien Clark.

In the dream there were colors without names, which shifted and flowed like oil on water. Some of the colors were good to eat.

But in the dream he didn't know oil, or water, and eating did not require a mouth.

There were words that weren't sounds and touches that weren't from hands. These soothed him even though they weren't real, even though he knew it was the ship.


That concept did not change. Not like touch, water, and food. The ship never changed.

Not even when he did.

Really, REALLY good story.

And from today.

Numb by justblue0162 Has this been posted somewhere I don't know about? And does this author have more somewhere that, by some weird insane chance, I MISSED? Because MAN, I haev been seriously missing out here. Insurgence, vaguely AU in a way, lovely Lexness in extremis. And truly beautiful Clex going on. *pokes* Leave feedback. Stalk. Offer bribes. No, really. It IS that good.