June 3rd, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

so very random

I think I'm collecting--scribbles. They're too long to be drabbles, too incomplete to be stories yet, too--addictive to stop writing them. And they're all like, three pages and then STOP, which is a level of frustrating that I had no idea existed. Part of it is my attention span, I think. I haven't been able to focus very well lately. I get far enough for me to not want to discard the storyline, then my head wonders off into a completely different place and it's. Well. Weird. Probably doesn't help that we're still short two in the front at work, so I'm exhausted, but that's never been a problem before when I want to write.

*sighs* Arkham and The Yard are doing the same thing for the most part. Lots of pieces that I need to assemble and every time I start, I think, oh, but I need THIS. Gah.

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Gotham Underground by Dana. I enjoyed this a LOT. I love Lex. I love Bruce. I warmed up to Clark quickly. *hugs Clark* Nice plotline, creepy, and fun to read. And well, yes, hot, too. Mmm.

The Enemy Within by jett. No spoilers. Read it straight through. Trust me on this one, it's best that way. Now.

The Scientific Method by Lenore. Hee! Sequel to Asset Management, Clark and Lex ponder alien--setbacks. Not that this can't be overcome with a little research.

Yes. This makes me happy. mmm.

Christmas, v.2 by zahra. This is so cute it just hurts in a good, good way. *sighs happily* Love it.

Distant Lands by Beth. Fourth in the series, links to the first three in the entry. Clexy goodness. This one involves chocolate. And I worship the ground she walks on.

Mmm. Good ficness everywhere. Re-read my hardcopy of Manifest Destiny by Livia today, teh one I printed out and carry around for emergencies. What kind of emergency, I don't know, but wouldn't it just be tragic if there WAS some kind of CLex related emergency and I was caught unprepared?

I am so a Girl Scout.