May 9th, 2003


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Child became nauseous last night. Please, please don't ask abut the bathroom at four this morning, kay? I'm trying to block it out. So. Child and jenn home for the day.

My trainer is going to be very, very unimpressed. *sighs*

And hi to new LJ friends! *waves*

In other news.

Dental appointment on Wednesday. In which my dentist will be making derogatory comments about my teeth to all he sees. Hell, I would. Damn stupid teeth.

Answered comments. I am happy about this. Caught up, even.


Safe by Elizabeth. The author of the unforgettable (I) Forget, the single creepiest Lex fic in creation, this one introduces Supergirl and yes, it's creepy and sad and disturbing and strangely hot. Read now. Now nownownownow.

Getting Into the Swing of Things</b> by Karen Colohan. Hot PWP hammocky things. Oh yes. Delicious. *fanning self*

Burned by Karen Colohan. And another hot one. Clark is sweetly and concernedly and determinedly Clark, trying to bring back Lex from all that nasty non-passion. And well, hot. Yes.

Choices by rosees. OOh. Mean and hot and strangely believable. At least, now the last few eps make SENSE. A lovely and hot and bittersweet moment in a Ferrari.

One of These Days by chelle. Helen's life as Lex's wife. I can see this. Wonderful view of Helen and her ability to be completely blind to what she doesn't want to see. Or believe.

Kryptobiology by meret. Oh. My. God. I haven't laughed this hard in SO damn long! *still choking* Read it and simply love. Love love love!

I am full of the love today. More later as I am catching up on my reading now.

Places to Go

selling_out - where Jessica and Co are writing so much good Indy!Verse Clark it is just unreal. If you aren't reading it, you SHOULD be. Happiness! Also, that rare animal, a likeable, in-character Clark. Lovely.

latxcvi is taking about courtesey in spoilers here. Very highly suggested reading. As someone who is militantly anti-spoiler, but perfectly willing to let everyoen spoil themselves silly, it was a very balanced post. Besides, I've finally--FINALLY!--worked out who and who doesn't get spoiled, so as to very very carefully skim their LJs before reading, just to be safe.

Other Things

Being home, and bored, and kinda sad, because I LIKE work, I am contemplating how I need something to do. Three WiPs are posted and out of the way. Webpage updated. Working on Jessica's Indyverse page, but I need a few more pics to play with. Generally annoying myself with my lack of ability to be entertaining.

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Anyone doing anything interesting? *hopeful* I'm stuck at home and I am bored. Bored, bored, bored. Fic, links, anything. ANYTHING here, people.

And if you're really, really bored, email me, as I have this really--well, it's a stupid story idea, but unfortunately, not one I can manage to just, you know, stop writing on. Would like someone's opinion that has never seen it before and never heard about it. *sighs* And yes, before you ask, it looks kind of long. But! Not futurefic. Had no idea current SV would make me want to write if it didn't involve dirtywrongLucasincest.
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Theme Song of My Current Obsession Level: Unwell, Matchbox 20

Anyway. Found it.

Not a Straight Line by jenn, third in the Hope Continutity, single-author series, first X-Men movie. Of course it was under the wrong name in teh wrong folder. But I found it! *happy* Anyway, there you go. It's there. And now I can stop stressing over the fact I lost an entire story somehow.
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so. damned. bored.

God, I miss work. I miss it like a big--missing thing.

Stolen from cara_chapel

The DNR List, or when I skip:

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Does this make me elitist? Or just really, really weird? *sighs and stares at list* I wonder how long those rules will last before something makes me break them. I'm betting on an hour.

I am very, very bored here people.
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