May 8th, 2003

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Okay, reccing NON fanfic here.

The Works of Lovecraft

Theoretically, I knew he was in teh public domain now, but I hadn't really looked him up. But wait! I was reccing him to Tara and she said something about Cthulhu, so I keyworded and there you go.

The man that gives me nightmares and makes me hear things at night.

specific story recs

The Colour Out of Space
The Outsider
Pickman's Model
The Thing on the Doorstep

There are more that I am trying to remember by reading that scared me, but these are the ones I knew the titles still. Lovecraft liked to be subtle and indirect, and his best work is when he's showing, not telling. Sometimes, he fails. In these, he succeeds.

Seriously, this is the good stuff. Also, to make this fannish related, there's a nice Arkham Sanitarium in there.

And you know? Clark could totally be a completely new Elder God, if you felt like reinterpreting Lovecraft through sci-fi. Right down through the stuff in Skinwalker.

Yep, I'm obsessed. But he's fabulous.

Go. Read. Now.
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