May 7th, 2003

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schmevil explains...

How To Avoid Being Lynched Or Shunned By Your Friends List
( or, Nine Steps To Being Less Of An Lj Tool)

5. Do not post while intoxicated, unless you have a firm grasp on your psyche. Drunks are funny in person because they fall over spill things on themselves. Poor typing, unfocused thoughts and unrestrained maudlin rambling are not funny. Next time you're six sheets to the wind and think it might be fun to update your journal, go vandalize something or fuck a stranger instead. It's better for everyone this way.



I also started getting mightily nervous when I realized that I *HAVE* devoted two entire entries to the trials and tribulations of sock event horizons and black holes, so I guess my third entry, which was going to detail my theory on the conspiracy between socks, manufacturers, and Reticulan Liver-Eating Alien Overlords, is now trashed.

YOU all will never know of my enlightment on the true reason your sock is missing. Blame schmevil

Am in training all this week. It's interesting. I like to call it the cliff notes version of How Bureaucracy Works, Really, but the scary part is, my notebook officially has a thousand pages of this. No, I'm not kidding. The computer manual is separate. And to think I may apply for the next up, where I will be learning the stuff the Cliff Notes are based on.


Dearest God. If anyone's violently interested, ask me how many acronyms I now know. I can have entire conversations without actually ever using a single standard English word. Okay, almost. It's a very close thing.

I LISTENED to myself ask a question today, and dear God, I'm speaking the language of bureaucracy. Quite bizarre.

Smallville still annoys me, but latxcvi did a lovely entry which, while did not completely reconcile me to the fact that the producers seem to be on crack, did act comfortingly indeed.

bonibaru was talking about SV being overall more disappointing than last season. I'm trying to work out if I believe that or not. Heat, Red, Ryan, Lineage, Insurgence, and Prodigal, actually, for me, DO make up for a lot of stupidity. Rosetta on the scale came out pretty well, though the astrophysics still frustrates me because I'm stupid like that.

So--hmm. I LIKED season one better overall--it was more varied, more fun, cleaner, and kept the plotlines at a somewhat better balance. But when I name my top ten, the six above, adding Hourglass, Jitters, Rogue, and Zero--I come out ahead in season two for individuals. Just this season, they unbalanced with some really bad episodes, some of which had the potential to be great except they just didn't make it work. Whereas season one had some bad eps, but I can cut more slack for a first season.

Eh. See. I already violated rule 6: If you don't think anyone will be interested in a particular entry, don't post it.

Love Blackfall. *hugs*