May 6th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

muchly long day

Let's start simple.


Gentle by Alicia Malone. Sweet and subtle and so gentle it made me ache. I loved every second of reading it.

In Another Life by dolimir. You may remember this author from the lovely Two Voices fic, and definitely does not disappoint with this one. I'd give a LOT to see her flesh this out from top to bottom, but what I got was a good, good read. And left plenty for my imagination to wander in. *g*

Jailbird by aelita. *grins* Okay, I have a--thing--for pretty boys in dresses and make-up. I blame Te. Leave me alone. This was SO much fun to read! Loved the set up and LOVED Lex's reaction. And did I mention hot? I should have. 'Cause it is.

Push by lexcorp_hope. This story is especially good if read with her LJ entry on Lana, found here. Lana is hard to write--only Sarah T and a few others have ever made me really feel a fanfic Lana accurate to canon and I like how Hope wrote this. I did feel it and it creeped and yet slid into canon as well very nicely. Anyway, highly recced.

Towards Sundown by MHC. I liked this for a lot of reasons, first in the LJ, now even mroe here. Exploration of Lillian isn't done nearly often enough, and I really, really like this take on her. And beautifully written, but what else can you EXPECT of MHC anyway?

Fannish Things

happyminion, iscarise and hackthis are making incredibly happy sounds of Pyro/Iceman love. And in Iscarise's case, also Pyro in general slashiness.

Let me count the ways this makes me happy.

So did this, which I have yet to send feedback on, but LJ is being weird about comments, so huh.

Freeze Out. Some seriously good Bobby POV in this one, and beautifully written, per the usual. Mmm.

God, I have to see this movie now.

Yes, this was a totally gratuitous entry. I shoudl be in bed, but I'm not. I will be sleepy tomorrow. This should bother me and it doesn't. *grins* Oh well. I need new things to read. Muchly.

And as stated above, comments are being REALLY wanky, so I WILL answer tomorrow, I swear, but thanks to those who sent feedback on Gladly. It's--disturbingly domestic. Where DOES this stuff come from? *hugs* Thank you.

Love to slodwick, debchan, jainieg and taraljc, who had a really, really sucky day recently. I hope the rest of the week goes a LOT better.

God, I should not be drinking caffeine this late. *sighs*