April 25th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

eh. not at my best today

I've been in a bad mood.
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When a Strawberry Is Pushed Through a Mountain by thamiris Mmm yes. Not ONLY Clex, but fun, misunderstandings are fixed Clex. And deep dreaming! Mmm. Hot and fun to read. Yes.

Indigo Is His Own by Rhiannon. Follow up to Blue Always Knew, I liked Lex's very natural freak-out and how they both handled it. And the hotness was nice, too. OH yes.

Luckily for me, I'm hugely behind in reading, which means tomorrow is going to be a VERY good day of joy and reading voraciously. Oh yes. And maybe get drunk beforehand, just for the hell of it.

For those interested, for the remix, I wrote Damaged, a Chloe remix of lexcorp_hope's very very very good Undone. It's not going to make sense without having read Undone, and frankly, it's not anywhere near the level of artistry, quality, or clarity that Hope creates, but it exists, which trust me, I do take some satisfaction out of, since for days, every time I looked at it in Word, insta-block.

Like Te, no one should be asked to rewrite Hope. Seriously, I knew it could only go downhill.

The other remixes are splendid--pearl_o remixed Every Second Wednesday into a beautiful, very creepy, deliciously jagged bit of story in Every Second Wednesday: The Concentration Remix and I'll get to the other SV ones this weekend, but just for the record, good stuff going on here. And by 'here', I mean We Invented the Remix...Redux, prepped, challenged, and hosted by the lovely and very talented musesfool Yay Victoria!

I'm going to make my AIM friends deal with me now. *g*
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children of dune - leto 1


Because I'm a lousy friend sometime.

The uttterly unbelievably good koimistress added some serious goodness to the Clark and Desire bit of Four Places that I posted in LJ recently.

distrubing porn, or koimistress once again reminds me to leave lots of offerings on her shrine in my room. Dear God, this is hot. And creepy. And so hot. Yes. Oh hell yes.

Read it. So good. So very, very good.
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