April 10th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

i'm in a mood to be chatty

My fingers hurt.

See, there's this thing. Remember what I said about the files being in three different places? Right. Well, now they're being--well, the word is shifted, but it doesn't exactly cover the blank horror I'm enduring these days.

It starts something like this, Monday morning.
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Beth, I got the address. Remind me to give it to you tonight.


Anyway, other than that, everything moves smoothly. Let's rec, because I can't read anything at work (did i mention that lack of login codes?).


Ruby Truth by valentinemichel. Whatever you're doing, just stop. Don't care what. Leave the heart patient on the table. Okay, if yo'ure reading this, you're not doing surgery, so you have no excuse. Read this now. I want someone to discuss it with. I'd like to devote a damn entry to this.

No actual Clex, though either intentional or unintentional slashiness. A plotline that's solid, but you know? Secondary to what I love here. Some interesting new characters. And a meaty, gripping story with Clark, Red Kryptonite, and an AU we've all played with and Valentine has taken to the next level.

Read it. Read it and enjoy it and think what-if. Ah yes, this reminds me why every so often fanfic kicks me in the teeth and makes me like it.

Spring Break by tstar78 Mmm. Caro-porn. A dish best served while one isn't writhing in pain, but also works as well as aspirin to distract. *huggles* Oh yeah. Lovely, darling. Plus, college Clark! Yay!

Cotton Candy by shellah. And someone else makes me all giggly and happy! Lovely bit of carnival smutness that ooooh. Mmmm.

Waiting by the Phone by jacynrebekah

Near Fifth and Vine by martianhousecat. And MHC, I love you, but--damn. Beautiful, elegant, and bittersweet future Clexness. There's so much regret here it aches with it.

Once and Again by mobiuskein. See, I loved Groundhog Day, and this amused the HELL out of me. Clark is just so Clark, and I love how he works things out. Wonderful!

The Lent Effect by Carlanesses. Okay, I havent' seen this one recced much and okay, WHY? This is hysterical! Just--loved it. The sitch, poor Pete and Clark's bet, and how to resolve it. And dear God, the image of Clark pulling his hair just kills me every time. Wonderful story by another author added to The Stalk List, because seriously? Do not want to lose this one. Funny, hot, and hee! That ending. *grins*


Fannish Things

Much against my will, Angel is sucking me back in. I foreswore Many Moons Ago with the death of Doyle, because DAMN. He was pretty! It was almost my second fandom, but Doyle died and then X-Men hit me, so oh well, but it does make me wonder if right now I'd be slashing Wes/Gunn or doing Fred/Gunn and Fred/Wes if I was a fanwriter for it.

Makes one think. Hmm. 'Cause Jane St. Clair made me read Wes/Gunn when I wasn't even WATCHING the show.

Anyway. Now riveted, dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

But ooooh. Yes. And yes again.


I've been keeping vague track of discussions in LJ land, but a LJer to check out is pandarus, who has had a marvelous slash discussion going on in her LJ one and two and three and four. Seriously, one of the most interesting multi-post discussion arcs I've ever read--come to think, the ONLY one I've ever read by one author. Slash, morality in fanfic, and it's so thoughtful it makes me envious.


mecurtin had an intesting discussion involving domesticity and alienness in fanfiction here

There are two schools of thought regarding how to react when one's story is discussed. One is to respond and discuss, two is to read and nod, but not talk. I've straddled the line, because honestly, I'm not SURE. Is it arrogant to bring it up at all, or really weird not to at all? Or--yeah. It's called a Hamster Cage of Mentalness. But hey, you're in my LJ and I am still in the mood to distract myself from Ripped Cuticles.

So. I'll cut for the uninterested or those that think it's Very Crass.
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Okay, I'm done. I've taken allergy meds because we're back in nosebleed city, my fingers are stiff, but on the other hand, Dev sent me more GoodWiPFic the other day for me to get inspired by.

And by the way? The X-Men II movie is getting to me. Dammit. DAMMIT.

I don't need another fandom.
children of dune - leto 1

xmmfic: fences

Actually, this is themed. Before Jus Ad Bellum was concieved, I was playing around with the concept of a mutant/human war and the consequences for humans. Bits of Jus came out of this, including a scene from this snippet I wrote--God, I have no idea. According to editing dates, about five months or so before I finally figured out what I really wanted to write and started Jus, called then Flip of a Dime. Hmmm.

Khaki, Victoria, I thought you might get a kick out of this one.
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