April 6th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

svfic: a life more ordinary

Fun night! Apparently, I can carry out a social life with some competence. Or so I hope. That or I blathered far too much and was very silly. Also had lemon drop shots for the first time ever. Mmm.

Met up with devinmoonshine for dinner along with Mr. Moonshine and nezsa in town. I'm still writing up a report of events, as I wish to embarass her, but I will say this--she's even funnier in person.

*hugs Dev*


Personal Call by shellah. Mmm. Phone things. Yes. Those kind.

Springtime Snow by shellah. It's sweet. And hot. And makes me very happy. Vive la Clex. Especially the cold weather kind.

Rainbow by dammitcarl I adore Nickyverse (who doesn't?) and this one is just wonderful. Fashion sense be damned. Nicky's proud of his parents. Love it.

Make Room by rageprufrock Prodigal-fic, and so--well, so LEX it just works. Especially fond of how Lex mulls how he fits in Clark's home.

First by tstar78 *grins* Only Caro could make a first date where theyr'e at second base and make it both hot and funny and so much fun. Perfect amounts of comfort and awkwardness.

Make Yourself Welcome by spyhop *snickers* Just read it. Clark and alcohol are an unbeatable combination.


In Which Jenn is Subtly Manipulated and Also Has Coffee

A conversation on Friday. There's a slight chance I'm remembering this wrong. Very slight. Perhaps I even imagined most of it. Perhaps, in fact, that all the details are just a little inaccurate in presentation *looks at Pearl-o* Though not by much.

seperis says: I'm bored. I can't write.
Jenn: write me more Indie!Clark!
dammitcarl says: write me something.
pearl_o says: something cute. No branding
Jessica: no apocalypse
Pearl-o: no branding masquerading as snuggling (<--she did use the word masquerading, though.)
Jessica: no angst
Pearl-o: did I mention the no branding thing?
Jessica: Clark and Lex getting ready for work.
Pearl-o: No taking over the world work and no branding.
Jenn: Hmm.

You see where this is going.
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