April 2nd, 2003

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Intoxicating by Celli Lane. I love CLex first-time, and I love, love, love the way Celli writes it. Hot, yes. Good characterization, yes. And mmm. Lovely prose as well. Read read read.

Watching...Caught by spyhop Sequel to Seeking and Found. I like watching people slowly fall completely in love. And these do a lovely job showing it.

The Rational Way of Looking at Things by mobiusklein. *dies laughing* Oh yes. Read right now. Poor poor, put-upon Lex. Poor unsung heroic woobie.


Jenn Things

Yes, I haven't answered comments. But!

I am SO in love with my job. Seriously. Okay, so they still don't have my login and password for the computer, but the chick I'm replacing and who is training me lets me use hers. Today was a meeting and though I didn't go, being new, there was food offered which I ate. So far, I haven't destroyed anything vital, and I think--THINK--that just maybe, I'm not wrecking computer records left and right.

So you know? Good day.

Though damned if I can figure out what sadist designed the offices. Or hooked the computers up. My computer's printer is what seems to be a mile away, through long, twisty corridors, and seriously, I went hunting, using the Office of Christmas Lights to reference where I was.

I'm easy to please.

Right, I'm boring you with my job stuff. But I'm having a blast. I haven't had this many consecutive good days in years.

And got the most BIZARRE email. Seriously so.


Fannish Things

Worked on BizarreClarkLexBrothersFic, and well. Huh. It's weird. Oh, shocking, no? Haven't worked on editing, as I'm waiting for my betas to finish up and it needs rewrites, dammit. And generally grinned like a moron at my computer, because I got all sentimental and suddenly wanted to start writing Clark, Lex, and baby-fic.

Damn you, dammitcarl. *shakes fist* Damn youuuuu!

Still reading The Most Bizarre Fic Ever. Liken unto a train accident. I cannot get away.

And does anyone know if there are LexCorp post-it notes? I keep wanting purple ones with the little logo for my desk, and I can't find any. Because really, I AM that much of a geek girl.

Hmmm. I need chocolate. And to annoy people. *g*
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