March 23rd, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

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Per usual.


The Perseids by CJ. Okay, so once in awhile, you click at random and the author completely surprises you on what you get. And when I say completely, i mean, completely. Absolutely beautiful, low-key, and perfect. Perseus. I hadn't thought of that. Read NOW. And CJ is on my to-stalk list.

Chocolatl by CJ. See? To-stalk. Well written bit of sheer fun. I'm loving her Lex here.

Flirt by thete1 Yay! Clark and Lex! And--good stuff. Oh hell yes. GOOD. For all your porny needs. Mmmm.

Seeking by spyhop. I love how this built, and the ending was just great. A good read.


So. Working on editing and amusing myself with music. Interview tomorrow. I'm pretending it's not happening.

Look! Coffee!
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