March 22nd, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

several different things, all mashed together

Start off. I'm way behind in my reading.


Thank you, Ma'am by Laura Shapiro. Whoa. How Chloe/Lana should always be. Damn. This could make me a believer.

Jacob's Ladder by Illuferret. I tend to be prejudiced in favor of this author in general--her style and tone always hits me just right. But as an interesting Lex pov, it's very good.

Match Girl by Tara LJC. Chloe/Clarkish, but I can overlook that since it's Tara and she makes it work for me. Chloe's in the snow! Who will rescue her? Let us think. Fun story with a really good Chloe characterization. And I have a huge weakness for snowfic.

Little Pitchers by pearl_o Oh cuteness! Kent-kid fic. Adorable and cute and an excellent pov of a small child. Contains light slash. Caroline's adorable. I'm weak. *grins* Currently Level Three isn't quite working, so direct link when I can get it.


The Spam Reports

Continues per usual. My nonexistent penis is still being solicited. Answer pending--when I can find one, I'll surely ask if it wants to be three inches longer, though that may hurt its feelings and make it feel inadequate, causing it to run away and call all girls mean. Oh darn.

My breasts have felt neglected for the last two weeks, but I've told them that surely the spammers will remember to ask about them any day now.

No more matchbox car spam. It makes me sad. I have, however, been asked several times about my attitudes toward Britney Spears look-alikes cavorting with domesticated equines. After a brief tour of the bathroom, the answer's still no.

Other Things

Getting over my fit of pique, I'm thinking of buying a piano soon. Now, normally, you'd wonder, can she play? If you're talking in the purest technical sense--knowing where the keys are and what fingers go on what--then sure. If you're thinking, are we talking concert-class? Only if you're a masochist. I'm lucky to get The First Noel out right.

But still, it feels like I should have one. Not only for Child, who I feel should be well-rounded and well, for the petty reason that isn't a deciding factor but really does make life more fun. Frankly, while I love my family, the male portion has a disturbing tendency to look worriedly on anything that doesn't involve sports and mud. I come from a family of Republicans and Baptists and not a few fundamentalists.

Ask me one day about a particular Thanksgiving dinner where I announced that I should become a porn actress for the excellent pay. Really, the fun never ends if you're creative with my family.

Coming off my interview-getting high, I plunged immediately into panic. She won't like me, I'm too tall. Too talkative. Too something. Weird hair. You get the idea. I'll lose my mind during the interviewing process and start babbling. I'll somehow let slip I write porn for fun. Frankly, I think that should go on my resumee, but hey, apparently there are people in the world who don't like that. Who knew?

Child had friend over and sought out destructive play. I'm all for destructive play. Except for the Lincoln Logs, because those suckers are way too much fun. For the Child, I mean. Not for me. I'm a casual user.

Working on primary edits on Somewhere and Gladly. My God, the continuity errors. Seriously. So. Damn. Many. Lots I knew about, penalty of writing as I did. Some I had no clue existed. Man, this is going to be fun.
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Birthday party, go or not. Go or not. It's vanilla cake of some kind, con. But also nachos and enchiladas, pro. This is a very important question. That I don't actually know the birthday person personally is a moot point. Nachos!

I think I'm going to take a nap and get my sense of humor back. It is in need of some serious downtime.