March 21st, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

mood takes a u-turn

here was bitching that I cut out.

Change moods.

Okay, forget that. Forget it. I started this entry too early. Because my mood just took a leap for the ether. *grins* Ask me why.

I have an interview on Monday for this job--this job I WANT. Not just one I have to do, not just annoying tempness, but a job-job, with such esoteric things as benefits and dental insurance and this wonderous thing called a REGULAR PAYCHECK that gets deposited in one's account where one can get the money out later and use it. And not ONLY these things. Because these things alone do not make a jenn happy, though the prospect of buying these boots I've been contemplating are quite the thing. Not to mention the prospect of a new computer, which I need desperately.

This one is one I WANT. I know this stuff. And it's state, so it's viciously comfortable and regular, as I have worked in it before and I actually DO know what policy is and what I'll be doing.

Fuck bad mood and cramps and my lack of chocolate. And screw temper tantrums and fannish politics and the sheer lack of coffee in the house right now.

Will not get too excited. Because I might not get it.

Forget that, too. I'm allowed to be completely elated without any actual reason to be. I'm perfectly ready to concede misery next week if I don't get it, but until then? Heh. Meaningless elation.

The woman who will interview me was enthusiastic as heck, and apparently went through several people trying to find my current phone number. I got my evaluation a while back but really didn't think much on it since there was a huge pool, but apparently, my percentile was highest in the group of interviewees, and what the HELL, you know, I'm happy. Happy happy happy happy happy.

I AM breathing! But dammit, I haven't had a job I liked in forever.

And new computer. With capture software and a new monitor and those boots...though I don't think Dell will give me boots with the computer I want.

Um. Right.

fleurbleue makes a gorgeouscover for Six AM. *staring* Honey, that's hot. Hot hot hot. Dear God.

I'm sure I'm missing something. Fannish war, gripeyness, something, but right now? Do. Not. Care. Rivers run wine, candy falls from the sky, puppies have been found after a long search, and I have one beta for Somewhere and Gladly Beyond from Ann on my hard drive, ready to start the fixing.

And love to girlinthetrilby and thete1 and devinmoonshine and schmevil and pearl_o who have been putting up with my high-snark, low-nice, icky-bad-bitchy mood all this week. I'll make it up to you. Possibly with advanced groveling.
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