March 7th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1


This means LJ is working for me. So far.

*looking around carefully*

I'm going to do my little obsessed happy dance now, if no one minds.

In other words? This is just me in a VERY good mood post. *grins*
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liken me to a pig rolling happily in mud....

Okay, I got to skip=200 and gave up. I just. Can't. Do it. I just can't. I started forgetting my own identity somewhere around skip forty. At skip eighty, I began to hallucinate. At skip 120, I began to think the world was flat. Don't ask about skip 160, because, frankly, I'm blocking that from my memory, but there's a chance I started declaring myself a Supreme Being.

And I hadn't even gotten through FRIDAY. At least, I don't think so. For all I know, I was far into next week, precognatively reading LJ entries no one's written yet.

Don't laugh. These are the symptoms of Interesting Friends Overload.

Here's my summary. If I missed anything interesting, do tell. And if you aren't ubertodd and dammitcarl, for whom I got direct links to new SV fic, if I could GET links so I could read? I'd be happy. Please don't make me beg. Though I'll grovel. Seriously. I've been locked out since MONDAY.

dammitcarl has the wednesday100 thing. Thanks to pearl_o for the sending of the info so I knew what to look for.

slodwick reads Mercy by Koi, which I only mention about once a week, rather like I do Past Grief by Te, and lookie there, I did it again! Who knew? But anyway. Slod's like, my current being of worship for all things arty, and she created a kick ass cover for Mercy.

Um. Let's see. Debate debate, personal info, story, story, story, happy griping, story, zine thing 1 and 2, LJ exhibition and performance one and two, thing, thing...there was other stuff, I swear. Infogasm. It's all the rage.

How DO people survive without checking their friends-list daily anyway? Withdrawal is NOT pretty.

And yes, I just officially LEAPED over the line between 'obsessed' and 'mental institution-class psychosis'. That line is INVISIBLE from where I'm standing. I'm okay with that. Padded walls? Bah. The easier to bounce off of to entertain yourself. And I've heard these days, the straightjackets are in fashionable colors! I look really good in purple.

My love to rageprufrock (doubly for the help last night, btw, I was contacted this morning), pearl_o, slodwick, and girlinthetrilby for all that coddling during this trying, trying period of time.


About the LJ performance thing.

This is interesting to me, because I've run this one around in my head and at my diaryland diary more times than I can actually count, and I'm still less than satisfied with my answer to myself. Either I'm not being honest with myself, which is likely (sometimes my own head is a mindfield in and of itself), or I simply can't clear out my own motives enough to know for sure.

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koimistress gave me permission to redo her site, which I did. And I had it all done, then went to AOL and got my ass kicked by the interface.

Seriously. Ass. Kicked. Beyond words. When she came online earlier that evening, I said, oh so grandly, give me an hour and I'll have it all up. Give me your username and password, and all the kingdoms of the world, not to mention endless supplies of hits, shall be yours!

Uh huh. When I wonder if my ego needs puncturing? This sort of thing happens.

When she got back on an hour later, I had opened her up a different webhost and started putting everything there. I mean, seriously. I've worked with I can't even COUNT how many freehosts, FTP programs, etc. and I have never actually declared defeat and left the field like that. I just couldn't take it.

So. pearl_o is responsible for the choice of webhost. Thanks, darling.

Storyteller, currently home to Mercy, A Nice, Friendly Game, and Three Fairytales of Smallville. Cover art by the alluring Alax, the spectacular Slodwick, and the lovely lifeinwords, all of which is marvelous and should be drooled over a LOT. If you'd be nice and send me your email addies, I'll add those so the page reflects proper credit. If you see this entry. *grins* I have yours, Slod, I just keep forgetting to put it up. Gah.

Um. Recs later. I've been talking to Te and Livia (maybe) or in fact, anyone on my buddy list who didn't hide from me when I came online, about the shift from mailing list to LJ in terms of the fannish hub. I'm wondering, seriously, has anyone covered this yet? I could swear someone did a while back, which got me thinking. A year ago, mailing lists were still the center of the fannish universe, but in this last year, at least through my not-very-objective-glance, there's been a definite shift toward the LJ for recentering the base fandom medium. If I can clarify my thoughts, I'll try to post something on it so someone who's really good at this sort of analysis can take over and explain how I'm wrong or right, but. Hmm.

Anyone? See the comments thing down there? This is one of those times I'd love people to use it. *g* Just throw out an opinion. Or tell me I'm a lousy performer. I don't care. I suddenly want an audience today.


livejournals and mailing lists, take one

I--had some time to kill this afternoon. Don't laugh too hard. I will be the first to admit that most of this is speculative.

For the purposes of this entry, blog, diaryland, deadjournal, blurty, etc are going to be mishmashed or discarded. I participate most actively in LJ, so my focus has to be there to be accurate. Observations are specific to me and I'm perfectly willing to admit my view is biased toward the SV fandom and to the fact that it's my main source of fandom participation at the moment.


My perceptions are formed since the my most active participation *in* the LJ community began in September/October of 2002. Before that, my main focus was in diaryland, where I still have my diary, though currently inactive, though really, after this week? May need to rethink that. My less active participation but active observation occurred around April/May of 2002, though I'd commented here and there before, and I started reading there with basingstoke, liviapenn, and 3jane after joining the SV fandom in November 2001, around the same time I opened my diaryland account.

So, that's my background. Right, not terribly enlightening, but to clarify where I'm standing.

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