February 23rd, 2003


not feeling so hot

Fourth day of enslavement to the pointless fever. It makes no SENSE. I'm not nauseous, not coughing, not sneezing. Just a headache the likes of which has never been reported in human history (I could be exaggerating, but it's EVERYWHERE. I'm used to having one section of my head hurt, nasal areas. This entire skull thing? Not so much), the concentration capacity of a hummingbird on speed, serious levels of lassitude, and a FEVER. Every time it goes up, I bond with cold things, people, objects, what have you. When it goes down, I break into a sweat and itch, then it goes up and for about seven and a half minute, I feel normal before I trip over one hundred again.

This really makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I mean, really. None.

I'm bored. I can't concentrate and I'm bored from the laying around grabbing onto cold objects so....

Intensive navel gazing ahead.

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Okay, well, that alleviated the boredom somewhat. I should poll. Since I am gripey and sick, should I give into instinct and torture/kill some characters for fun?

Going to catch up on my friendslist and take more ibuprofen. And more coffee and juice. Caffeine withdrawl is NOT pretty.