February 20th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

rain, recs redux, and art

A night of LJ withdrawl was horrible, horrible, horrible. You know, at this rate, I'd better get a really reliable addiction, like, say, heroin.

But anyway.

Due to karma because I was laughing at a friend buried in snow, rain has begun. And when I say rain, I mean, I am watching for Noah and his Ark out the window rain, and I swear, the animals around here are moving two by two toward some unknown destination. It's slightly surreal. I went to bed last night with some normal raininess and woke up to the Poseiden Adventure in the front yard. Driving The Child to school, I watched the rushing rivers where there were once fields and monitored bridges in some interest. I live on a hill. There are two road-type ways off this hill and both involve bridges. No, I am not driving over muddy fields to get away if necessary. The only thing I really never worry about up here is actual flash flooding. Tornados, yes. Flash flooding, not so much. But those bridges are interesting to watch.

My area holds the unofficial highest rainfall in a twenty-four hour period--either for the state or the country, I really can't remember which. No, I don't know why it's not official, but it is somewhere in an almanac of some kind because as a kid, I had to look it up at school. Growing up, I never could figure out why so many fields had very, very deeply cut trenches (and a LOT of them) and why there were so many bridges up until my fourth grade science teacher told us about that year. Over the years, of course, they wore down (no trees, soil shift, what have you), but the original cuts in the landscape were made many, many, MANY years ago, well before I or I think even my parents were born if I remember correctly, and every so often, we get another Really Rainy Period to recut the trenches. The dry spell a few years back did a LOT to even out the landscape.

Right, uninteresting in the extreme. Moving on.

Recs Redux

My Rainy Day Reading. I've recced them at various times since I first read them and they are among those I curl up with whenever I need a pick me up. This only covers about ten percent of my harddrive-saved fic, since anything I like well enough to read more than once goes into a folder for emergency pick-me-ups.

For sanity of friends page, cutting here, recs inside. I got a little--er, carried away.

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Okay, that took more time than I thought. Have to hurry now.

Got caught up in Adobe yesterday, as I am wont to do when I can't write or am sulking about a bad episode. Or when I'm avoiding tstar78 and valisme murmuring sweet Lucas nothings. *grins* Okay, so that was me mumbling those at them in hopes of inspiring them, but they enable, dammit. And they didn't run away too fast, either.

Anyway. A cover came out of it.

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I'm reorganizing my memories, so anyone who actually checks out that page will notice some shifting around as I add in episode reviews and specific story reviews into the mix. I'm going to eventually post some Star Trek and X-Men ones I did in my other fandoms, especially the ASC awards feedback votes, since I go through phases of being ultra locquacious in feedback, much to the amusement of those who get my long, long interpretations of their fics.

Mmm. Rainy days.