February 7th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1


So the week has looked up by the end.

Let's start with the happy stuff. People who write fic.


Make Me Happy by Ash Jay. Threesomeness and wow, hot? Yes. Especially the imagery of Clark with a red K tongue ring which is possibly one of the best ideas I've heard in a looong time. Vaguely creepy ending, especially about going to see Lex after--I'm just wondering if he'll survive long enough to orgasm. *grins* Read and enjoy.

The Tick of the Universe by penelope_z. I love her style period, and I love how she writes Lex and Clark. Melodic, beautiful, and bittersweet. Vintage Penelope.

Disturbing the Rhythm by Shellah. Hot. Very much. Damn. *grins*

Falliable Theory by zahra. An entrant in the Twelve Days of Pain for Clark challenge issued by rageprufrock, and beautifully written. Lex POV. Very--ambiguous ending. Per usual, zahra makes me think.

Tax Haven by Melo. Hee! Another entrant in Celli's Taxfic challenge and hysterical. I loved it. Especially poor Clark and accounting beating him up.

Points of Triangulaton by andariell. A lovely Chloe/Lana fic that worked beautifully with both characters. Much recommended for reading right now.

The Master Plan by ingrid. *dies* A hysterical fic for Celli's Taxfic Challenge, and ingrid does it short, sweet, and ruthless. I'm totally in love here.

Trinity: Three Things That Didn't Happen to Lionel Luthor by serrico. Oh DAMN. Strange, surreal, WEIRD, and so damn cool. No spoilers, because dammit, it needs to be read straight through.

Capable by destina Oh she makes me happy. Beautiful post-Suspect bit of ficness that does a lovely, lovely Clark.

Favorite Lines:

Lex's eyes are dark, his feelings no longer obscured; Clark knows that look. He's imagined it so often he's made it real. Clark isn't capable of looking away. Then he remembers: capable. Dominic had made the word ugly. Capable, he'd said - an implication of darkness. "In your heart, Clark, you've always known what Lex was capable of."

Yes, thinks Clark, as Lex kisses him, holds him, mends fences for him. I did know. He's capable of this.

*sniffles* Yes. Just like that. Beautiful.

Vulnerable Confusion by Henry Jones Jr. Post Rush redfic, Lana and Lex get a full dose of Clark at his most honest and most nasty. CLex, very good. Very painful, too. Wanna slap Clark. *G*

Everything's Eventual (Try to Act Surprised) by Lint. Chloefic.

Okay, this one? Hated on first read. Could NOT get it. Second read, though....

Oh wow. Yes. Again, stories like this? The reason I absolutely love to read fanfic.

Collapse )

So. You know. Absolutely adore it now. Just adore it.


Places to Go

This is a short list. I've barely skimmed my friends list and read the fascinating convos going on there.

Discussion of BDSM in SV by penelope_z. Really interesting stuff going on with both the Lionel/Lex and Lex/Clark pairings in mind.

ClarkRage and Lex is a good friend by liviapenn in which Livia discusses both the anger against Clark and why Lex really is a great friend. Hence the title. *g*


Other Stuff

Working on fic. Liv gave me an idea--or I gave her one and she gave it back, not too sure on its genealogy there. My sister got an LJ. She leaves for the army in about a week and it's more than a little sad. She's also below minimal weight again, so her recruiter's working to get her those last three or so pounds--I think it was three or so pounds. And that about covers it. Interesting convos are mentioned above, as trust me, this is as interesting as I get. Mild sinus infection thing boring the hell out of me, but on the upside, wow, does my nose have some serious color! See, you know, storms, silver linings, platitudes galore going on here.

Huh. I miss Jack.

Anyway, going to go work on something. In lieu of that, look at Word menacingly and hope words appear magically. Which I think is perfectly possible, darn it.