January 10th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

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Mm. Ficness.

Simple Pleasures by lexluvsclark aka ingrid. On the benefits of silk. Oohhhhh yes. Delicious.

This frottage challenge is a WONDERFUL thing. Have I pointed that out yet?

Beyond Recognition by corinna_5. Wow. Futurefic, Lois, and a wonderful look at future Clark and the events that create the Rift. And it hurts. But so good.

Act of Contrition by JacynRebekah. Mmm. VERY HOT. Another one for the frottage challenge. Near Church, no less. Lovely.

Last Taste of Sweets by soappocrates. *grins* Syrup. Pancakes. Hee. I loved it.

Advanced Fruit by bexless. Okay, peach? Oooh yes. Loved it. Read it several times.

I did mention the frottage challenge is fabulous, right? Right.

Blue Always Knew by Rhiannonhero. *grins* I love stories like this. Friends to--more, with all the fun of the finding out. A rarely used twist of Lex not being the experienced one, which is always fun. And Clark's monologues and arguing with himself are just hysterical.n He gets hyper REALLY fast.

Yes, I really am in a good mood. Look at how many of these stories were NC-17! VERY good mood!

Okay, back to my cave after answering comments. The Cave of Plot. The Cave of Endless Plot. It needs posters. Lots of them.


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children of dune - leto 1


Read RIGHT now.

The Fifth Season by Hope.

Read it RIGHT now. In which I haven't been this creeped out in such a long damn time. Absolutely--chilling. And so subtle it hurts. And only one thing needed to change.

That fifth part is gonna kill you, but do yourself a huge favor and read it straight through.

*still gaping*