January 5th, 2003

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Okay, I'm going to actually be contributory to fandom and not the superleech of writing I've been for the last, oh, two weeks.



Driving With Crocodile Shoes by Thamiris. The hotness does NOT end. Beautiful episode extension of Redux, with a lovely Lex wearing those oh so damn hot sunglasses. Thamiris' beautiful style is as usual, flawless, and it makes me oh so warm and fuzzy. Oh yes.

The Fortress of Domination by ingrid. I laughed myself SICK. I mean...oh my GOD....

Like all other tyrants before him, Superman went to bed one night a solider and woke up a god.

That first morning, when he publicly announced to the world he'd developed a spontaneous immunity to Kryptonite and it could no longer be used as a weapon against him, the peoples of the Earth cheered, then went back about their business.

The cheers turned into mass confusion when, in less than a week, he got rid of everything that annoyed him whether people wanted him to get rid of it or not. Nuclear bombs, chemical weapons, pistachio pudding, even the world's supply of Mrs. Dash's salt substitute were gathered up and flung into the outer reaches of space never to be seen again.


Kal-El sat floating on a hovering throne, his black hair longer and falling freely around the top of his shoulders, curling over his forehead in youthful waves. The eyes were still a piercing shade of blue-green, the rock-solid muscles still rippled and all in all it was a much better presentation, even if Lex was loathe to admit it.

His mortal enemy looked pretty damned good in his new role as despot, which made Lex's frothing jealousy burn just a little bit hotter. Not to mention he'd warned everyone this was what Superman would eventually turn into and no one had ever believed him.

Oh, the pain of being right.

It only gets better from here on out. *nudges* Go read.

Suit Yourself by reetchick. *snickers* I KNEW Clark had no fashion sense. Superman in festive costume. I mean....*giggle* Yeah. It's cute.

With the Lights On by jacynrebeckah. Talking during sex. Talking DIRTY during sex. Im really easy to please in that. Dear GOD.

Whistle While You Work by Pearl-o. I don't know if I did this one yet, but when she showed me the first draft, I was TOTALLy infatuated. College!Clark! Cuteness! CLexiness. And it's just perfect. *sighs* Like the happy warm fuzzines of joy and all.

Six Fall on a Saturday This Year by Jessica. I absolutely love this AU and it delights me beyond words that Jessica has developed it this much. Nicky's birthday. A cute kid who IS a kid, wonderful pov switches, and so much domestic CLex I was literally in a puddle of gooey happiness. I don't think anyone does this better than Jessica.

Fell in Love With a Girl by Lint. Lana here--works. Canonically AND how I want to see her, which is rare as hell. Bittersweet, strangely wistful, and I--seriously feel for Lana. *sighs*


Rana made me a new icon! Pretty pretty Human!Clark one! *happy*

isilya's closed the Snugglefic Challenge and the Literary Challenge, which I completely tuned out somehow. *blinks* HOW did I miss it? Oh, right. My complete thing of missing everything fannish.

Feel free not to follow the cut. I just need to vent myself out before I start posting more Human!Clark.

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Okay, back to writing. I've done an outline now and I don't need the flu if I can work this out correctly. *sticks tongue out at bonibaru* So there.

Hmm. I'm going to make myself a jenn-pity icon, to warn people for when I am going into self-pity mode so they can make a run for it.

I'm going to answer comments tonight. Every last one. *nods firmly*

Off to write.
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children of dune - leto 1

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*hugs to everyone* You're so sweet and thanks. I--need to relax. Again. One day, I will be oh so calm and stable people won't recognize me.

I made myself a nice icon for the next time I need to indulge in my self pityness.

She seems appropriate, don't you think?


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