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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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pics from issaro!
children of dune - leto 1
Because issaro *spoils* me so. Much.

Isn't she *amazing*?


Every time I get un-inspired? These help. They *do*, chica. *hugs you hard* Thank you so much.

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Wow, those are amazing. I especially like the first one. This a fic you're working on now I take it?

Well, working is a very glamourized word for it. More like, staring at it, telling it to *move*. It's in a *good* place and can I make it go? No, I cannot.

*stares at fic* Move. Move, damn you.

*grins* Awwww. Yeah, I know how that is. Dark Portent is such a fic. Even Chloe is getting impatient and usually she just ignores me. Today she yelled at me to finish it already. Hee.

with inspiration like that --

-- how can you leave me yearning?

*sends mind-control beams of fic enablement*

Re: with inspiration like that --

*laughs* thank you for the vote of confidence! It's about three-fifths done or so. Maybe a little less. That thing comes in *spurts*. then the spurts end and I'm sitting with it, thinking, *move* you whore.

But I try to say it nicely.

*hugs you*

I love the covers!!

I stand ready to beta at any point you know! :)

Re: I love the covers!!

*grins* Thankyou for the offer, darling. As soon as it's done and has at leat one edit-through, I'll be emailing it out.

if ony it would *move*.

*kisses and hugs*

Anything I can do to help lex get laid. It's all very selfish really *nods and grins*

And I adore you for it.

Can't wait to read landscape!!!! Just love how you write!!!!!

*hugs you* Thank you. I hope to God it lives up to expectations.

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