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The world can suck as much as it wants to.

Because *I* have hot chocolate.

No, not the *boxed* kind. The kind where you are desperately watching your milk so it will scald and not create that thin, horrifying slimy film on top. With cocoa. And sugar. And vanilla. And *cinnamon*. And you and your whisk mix and mix and *mix*.

And you drink it and are content with the world.


Things That Amuse Me

Vocabulary word: lope

Child: Mama, is this sentence okay? "I loped when I got to the gym."
Me: What's wrong with "I loped to the gym?"
Child: *appalled* MOM! You can't *run to the gym*! It's wet outside! It's against the rules. You have to *walk*.

I need *inspiration*. Or maybe more hot chocolate. Hmm.
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