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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
There aren't any words for how much this *sickens* me. Found on xoverau.


Just. That's miles beyond civilized or acceptable behavior. That is *assault*.

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I...have no words. That is just terrible. I am so disgusted! Where did our security go so wrong that innocent people are assaulted while criminals are overlooked? Ugh. I just feel terrible that that happened. :( No one deserves that treatment, least of all a sweet woman just trying to board her flight!

Wow. That's just unthinkable. I can't believe it happened. Thank you for posting the link.

oh my God, that's terrible

I'm shaking having read that. And I don't have the patience to read over 200 comments. Short version, is she seeking legal recourse as publically as possible I fervantly hope?

I'm just sick to my stomach.

Nonetheless, thanks for this important alerting.


Thank you for the link.

*smiles sadly*
Yep, this is the reason I'm really not keen on travelling to US, thou I'd very much like to visit people in NYC. I'm afraid of something like that or even more hideous will happpen to me and my bf on the customs.
Thank you for the link.

Aaaaand... now it's friendslocked, apparently.

I know there's the law that you've automatically lost the arguement when you mention the Nazis, but I can't help it. We're turning into a fucking Gestapo state and nobody with the power to stop it seems to want to do anything.

It's okay to rape people now. They might be TERRORISTS.

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