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Recs - author Kat Reitz, Tzigane, and Perryvic
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, five recs.

Cumulus by Kat Reitz and Tzigane. Really, *really* godo post season two Clark pov. Followed by the next two. The second's a little weak comparatively speaking--for that one, I really needed a lot more context and story behind it, but the third is *really* good.

So try them. You'll like.



And for something different, but not.

Ad Astra Per Aspera by Kat Reitz and Tzigane - how wonderfully, blankly twisted. I had some problems with the pacing, and I would have killed for more of the day to day life of Belle Reve, but other than that--wow. Oh my *God* wow. Seriously so. Really *great* characterizations. It is a must-read. Really.

Learning Experience by Perryvic and Kat Reitz - same problem, the pacing needs to be tightened, but again, great story going on in here. A really *good* Clark, fair to him, and a wonderful Lex. I want a sequel. A lot. Is there one?

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oh, thanks for the reminder

First an old fic of your fic gets dredged up - it was delightful, btw. *g*

And then you rec stuff I was actually looking for and forgot the titles and authors of! Thank you. *kisses*

Ad Astra Per Aspera did need a bit more of the day to day Belle Reve stuff. And as much as it was dealing with long term culmitive rapes aftermath, it still needed more scenes of that aftermath dealing. Still in all, I did like it a lot.

Learning Experience made me grin once I realized what you recced. Heh, think Adam... Can't say anything else, now can I? I adore that story and I'd love a sequel to that too.

Hmm, the trilogy is wrenching but good. It was good to see that again too.

I hope the hell of your work is going better for you. I hate to think of oyu stressed as you've been. You deserve wayyy better in your and your son's life. I keep also thinking that you should really write a book about it. Despite whatever laws govern your job I'm sure that legal advice could get you around that.

Thanks for reminding me of these fics.


ETA - I really shouldn't try to type exhausted, should I? *g*

Re: oh, thanks for the reminder

*hugs you* Sounds like youyv'e had it difficult, too, honey.

Astra blew my mind, but yeah, teh pacing of the scenes drove me crazy. But still. Wow.

*hugs you hard*

Have you read this one? It's been a little while since I read it, but I remember thinking it was sort of along the same lines as Ad Astra Per Aspera, in the levels of angst and dealing with...bad things.

And yay for reccing them! These are some of the few fics that are so heavily angst-laden, with these depressing plots, that I actually love re-reading. (Ad Astra especially, I think.)

The only thing that frustrated me was the pacing--that drove me crazy. Some of the scenes just dragged too long. But wow, what *good* storytelling. Really *really* good. I was totaly shocked to fall into it so hard. Astra rocked.

I don't tend to notice things like pacing, offhand...now that you've mentioned it I'll probably pay attention when I re-read. *grin*

But I was so surprised that I enjoyed it so much, honestly. I tend to like my fic schmoopy, for the most part, or at least not so...violently angsty, I suppose. Non-con, for the most part, turns me off of a story, and yet there was all the *horrible* stuff going on there, and I just...I don't know. Didn't squick.

I want to write like them when I grow up.

...or you. *grin*

I think in a way you should be proud. You are physic!

Cannon Clark is now closer to "A Handful of Dust" than I would ever imagine!

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