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children of dune - leto 1
talitha78--I love you. I adore you. I sit at your feet in worship. They are *so cool*. They are so *fun*.

I got them today! I'm reading! I'm adapting to reading right to left. They are so *pretty*. I love you, love you, love you!

*burrowing into Gravitation*

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Ooh! Gravitation! I've been waiting for it to catch on -- I just got the 8th volume. So, yay! Someone who will also love it, and, if I dare to hope ... write fic? No pressure or anything :)))


I'ts *crack*. I laugh myself sick and am so in love and OMG THE CUTE!!! THE CUTE!!! THE CUTE!!!

Also, my God, this boy's *wardrobe*. I envy him.


It IS! It's crack! I effectively ignored everyone I knew when I first started reading it. Like "No, sorry, pretty manga boys in love. Can't possibly pay attention to you."

And then I realized that there was no good fic. Like, seriously? None. Well, maybe one that I've ever found. I wept, I tell you. Wept. Perhaps we can convert people to the ways of Gravitation love and usher in a new Gravitation Rennaisance, the likes of which have never been seen before ... or maybe it's a bit late right now. But it's a nice idea, isn't it?


Good Gravi fic is distressinly lacking, but I've actually found some that are decent. Would you like some reccity recs? :D

A Gravitation Rennaisance sounds lovely, btw. It will rival all the arts ages. *_*


I would love some recs! In the interest of not spamming Jenn's journal, you could email them to me at darkspryte[at]comic-geek.com. I would love you forever!

Wait! Show me recs! Please?

I'm still amusing myself how long it took them to get to actual sex. Shuichi just killed me with that.


Yay for Gravitation manga! *cheers*

Shuichi's sense of fashion worries me and makes me go, "WTF?!", but then I think to the wardrobe of actual J-rockers and shut up. :D

It's sad that he looks pretty in them. Terrifying, but pretty.

It is *dragging me in*. *scared*

Shuichi is teh best woobie ever.

When you run out of Gravitation, you might want to look at Saiyuki :)

And Full Metal Alchemist starts on Adult Swim on November 6.


Shuichi is teh best woobie ever.

He cries! All the time! I just want to cuddle him to death! And Yuki! Dear God, Yuki. Who is pretty when he is broodingly melodramatic. I am so *addicted*.

When you run out of Gravitation, you might want to look at Saiyuki :)

*looks despairing* But--I'm not into manga! I'm *not*. No, this is my line in the sand.

But, um. What is this Saiyuki about?

And God, don't tell Pru. *breathes*

And Full Metal Alchemist starts on Adult Swim on November 6.

*g* Setting my DVR just in case. It looks interesting.

There's a Gravitation vid you really should see. Want the link?

Also, Saiyuki is a takeoff of "Journey to the West" which means nothing to you, probably, but there's a sexy Buddhist monk on a quest whose favorite thing to say while chain-smoking is DIE DIE I KILL YOU BASTARD DIE and three compatriots who travel with him that all have large amounts of emotional baggage and varied degrees of UST between them.

Oh, I just saw this post. I'm so glad they arrived safely and that you're enjoying them. The cuteness! It kills. :)

I love you. I so do. They are wonderful They are cute adn funny and I am fighting the desire to quote it at people, because man, do you need serious context for some of it.

Shuichi is so the Christina Aguilera of Japan there. That boy's *clothes*. My God.

*hugs* So, waht would you like? A story, snippet, um, porn, whatever, just name it and I will try *really hard* to get it right, or send you salsa, one of the two.


Ooooh, I don't know what I want. I'm just happy to spread the Gravitation love. But, if you ever wrote fic for Gravi, that would pretty much rule. Other than that, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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