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question on dc multiverse au's
Okay, comic question.

Lex in DC AU as a superhero---what was he called? And what did he wear? Someone, I swear, said something about this on ClarkLex once, but there is no way I can find that post at this point. Or is the idea of purple spandex a long adn frightening hallucination I can wake up from sometime soon?

My love and gratitude if any of you can answer this question.

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did you try the Marvel wehsite? I think they also have a message board where I'm sure you could get an answer in seconds.

Yeah-no, I didn't. I have no idea how I'd phrase the question, or even if it exists. All I remmber is a post on ClarkLex--or maybe in LJ--about it. I could have imagined it.

I'm scared of offical boards. Very, very scared.

I'm scared of offical boards.
Can't say I blame you, the uber geeks are too smart for me. I wished you had asked this question earlier. The history channel had a special on comic book heroes. They mentioned some stuff about Luther, but I was only half paying attention.

*grins* I hadn't gotten far enough into this story to think I'd need it. Now I'm just, huh, that *can't* be right, no matter how much Lex loves purple.

It *can't* be. Not purple spandex and rockateer pack. Please. No.

When you say "DC AU," do you mean an actual book from DC, or fanfic set in an alternate universe of the DC canon? If you mean actual DC product, is there any chance you're thinking of "Lex Luthor, Man of Steel," that long-promised, much-delayed six-issue miniseries where Lex is a police detective and the real, true protagonist of the piece? (January or February is their latest "release date," which I'm putting in quotes because I don't believe them AT ALL anymore. *kicks DC*)

Otherwise, I got nothin'. Well, besides the teal-and-lavender flight suit Lex wore in that one episode of Justice League. *g*

Damn, could I have used any more hyphens in this thing? Geez.

It's--and I read this a while ago--actual DC canon, one of the multiverses, or something. It might or might not be related to the AU with Supergirl.

Otherwise, I got nothin'. Well, besides the teal-and-lavender flight suit Lex wore in that one episode of Justice League. *g*

Oh my *God* my eyes hurt just imagining that.

*whimpers* Oh man. Terror. Terror.

In "Crisis on Infinite Earths", he was the hero of the Earth where the Justice League was all evil. - Earth-5 of the Crime Syndicate.

I think he was just called Lex Luthor, though. He was married to Lois.

he was sort of the hero in Mark Milar's "Superman: Red Son" (an AU in which Kal-El landed in Communist Russia, not Kansas), but. It was more like scientist!hero and therefore there were no really horrible outfits. That I remember.

oh wait! One version of an elseworld of JLA he played a Hero...Earth 2 I believe. I can't remember what his outfit was like.....or if he had one *thinks* I do remember he was the good guy in the other earth....

No horrible outfits? *hopeful* really?

oh wait! One version of an elseworld of JLA he played a Hero...Earth 2 I believe. I can't remember what his outfit was like.....or if he had one *thinks* I do remember he was the good guy in the other earth....

I so need to see Justice League.

Wait I remember something about Luther being a scientist who later turns into a mda scientist? White lab coat look maybe?

Yeah, I'm helpful.NOT.

I think I have seen that book. It had collapsing multiverses. In one of the multiverses Lex Luthor was the superhero (with a cool Jetpack), while the Justice League was evil. Of course it wasn't called Justice League. Also, I think it had an Owlman instead of Batman, and Ring instead of Green Lantern.

Lex Luthor was married to Lois Lane and they had a kid who played some kind of important part in the plot....

*blinks slowly* A jetpack.

Okay, so I didn't hallucinate this. Oh God.

thornsilver's talking about the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a DC maxiseries from the mid-80s in which the DC multiverse was collapsed into a single continuity. One of those universes was Earth-3, in which good and evil were reversed. The Justice League was the Crime Syndicate; Superman was the evil Ultraman, Batman was Owlman, etc -- and Lex Luthor was the world's only superhero (still bald, but with a natty little red beard.) The Earth-3 stories were quite popular, and showed up often in DC comics from the '70s. After the crisis, earth-3 didn't exist anymore, but Grant Morrison revived it a few years ago in the graphic novel I mentioned in my previous comment.

(I'm such a nerd.)

Owlman. That will never stop making me giggle.

A *beard*? *giggles* Oh God.

*laughs hysterically* I love it.

Took a couple of secs and uploaded some scans for you (yes, huge nerd that I am, I just happened to have these on my hd):

Super!Lex, circa 1986: page 1 page 2
(Lex and Lois then send their infant son off in an interdimensional starship. Yeah.)

Earth 2!Lex:
I prefer this version; Lex's a hero, but he's still *Lex*.

1. Lex arrives in "our" universe: page 1 page 2

2. Lex makes an appeal to Batman.

3. Johnny Quick and Owlman have a discussion.

4. Lex taunts Ultraman

Earth 2 really is a cracking good read.

... next question is, do they ever give Lex an outfit without purple accents? I'm just sayin'.


cool flashback. thanks for sharing the scans Teneagles!

Okay, so I didn't hallucinate this. Oh God.


The interesing thing about DC is whatever you think up, have already been done.... Well, except for gay.

Once somebody told me that there is probably a Justice Wing/My Pretty Pony crossover somewhere.

Dont say that!

If it hasn't been done, the fact that you mentioned it would guarantee it *will be*.


Possibly -- even probably -- you're thinking of "Earth 2," a (rather excellent) JLA GN that came out about 4 years ago. Sort of a "mirror universe" story in which the Crime Syndicate of Amerika rules te world, opposed by Earth's only superhero, Lex Luthor (no purple spandex.)


*grins* Lex Luthor, Superhero!

that is so *fun*.

My *God* man.

*shivers* My *God*. Lex, Lex, Lex...evil can only be allowed so much latitude. When it offends the eyes...well.

i'm assuming you haven't seen these, so please forgive me if you have already..

i cannot tell you how twisted my mind went when i wondered about why Superman wanted to TRAP Lex Luthor.. Clark! you sneaky bastard!!

and just for fun, these were evidence that DC stood for "Delicious Crack"..

Lex and 40 cakes:
part 1
part 2



*laughs and wheezes*

This is killing me!

*still choking*

this is getting old, but...

i wish this one came out earlier instead of just today, so i could point you to the high level of dramatic irony..

and yes, he's still wearing purple :D

I definitely remember that Alternate Earth where Lex Luthor was the only hero and he was married to Lois. You could go to TWoP and ask Trevacious Guy -- he seems to know everything about the comics.

Somebody above mentioned superhero Pretty Ponies. Check it out.

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