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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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insta!rec - Put You Half to Sleep by callmesandy, sv/roswell
children of dune - leto 1
You should read this.

Put You Half To Sleep by callmesandy, Smallville/Roswell.

She said: Sean/Lex. Awwwwwww, the only entry on this list that could not in any way be described as a hit, especially since the only people who loved the story beta'ed the story. But it's a best of to me. It's quiet and bleak and still vaguely sort of hopeful.

I whore for bleak futures, you know. Roll *right* over. I also whore for Lex, but that's kind of a given. It's not the future that's become so sad, but the person that chose to live it. My Roswell is years old and only a season and random eps, but this resonated with me. Plus, you know. Roswell/Smallville. Does any crossover in history, besides, say, X-Files, make so damned much sense?

You should really read it. And you could leave her feedback here, too. It's beautiful.

Because it just amuses me a lot

I was thinking, and perhaps murmuring in a slighly tipsy haze, how much I'd like Clark/Max.

I mean, I really would. In a very weird way, because visualizing a first time with the two of them would be an exercise in a comedy of epic proportions for observers. I mean, they both have that dark, brooding, mysterious, cute, vaguely depressed, very hot thing going on, and that fetish for bland brunettes is there (though I *liked* Liz, so there). And they both--I mean, imagine the negotiations required just for a kiss. I mean, they aren't the type to just jump the other. Oh no. There would be strange, surreal, not entirely clear conversation beforehand while they blushed enough to set things on fire.

I mean, apart from Clark's heat vision.

It would happen over a game of parcheesi. Slowly. Very freaking slowly.

I amuse myself in a variety of freakish ways.

I think these are the only Roswell fics I ever read, come to think, at Disquieting Muses. Maria/Michael. I think jengrrrl sent me to the messageboard she was posting at for them. Well, her and Elizabeth at Ficorama, but really, who doesn't read Elizabeth? *happy sigh*

Visitors is still my favorite.

I need to do some re-reading.

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Dude, you're so sweet! (And I think I like Lana more than Liz, but Liz had such excellent taste in almost-boyfriends, since I hearted Sean and Kyle a lot "".)

Clark and Max would be much pretty and much blushing, I'm sure!

I object on the principle that Clark deserves SO MUCH BETTER than Clark.

I point to Max in "Meet the Dupes" for emphasis.

And then hate you, because I'm watching the tapes again.


So much better than MAX.


*curls up in a ball of inabililty to type and sulks*

how much I'd like Clark/Max

I am rather mesmerized by this idea. More by the potentially hilarious dialog than by the sex, although I'm sure the sex would be hot once they figured things out.

Max: "Hey Clark, wanna come see my cave etchings?"

Clark: "OK, but only if you let me show you mine."

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