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I'm not even sure how to put this in a way that makes sense.

So. Hmm.

Things That Went Right

I got a new desk chair. A reaper costume. Won a prize at work. It's a cool prize.

Then my boss calls me into her office.

I won't even go into the creepiness of that, but go with it. I did my eyes in brown eyeliner from eyebrow to the lower orbital bone, to give that freshly dead look, which was, let me point out, big fun, and my boss triple took, as she had all day when looking directly at me. Funny, yes. Terrifying, also.

"Jenn, did you get an email about TANF training?"

Why yes, I did, when they told me a few days before my trip that the class was staring the week I was leaving. I suspected, however, that the sarcasm would not be appreciated. She looked pissed.

"Recently? No."

"I got an email from D." Dramatic pause. "She was wondering why you weren't in class today."

I really can control myself, so I didn't say, well, *duh*, cause I'm not *in* that class.

"There's a new class that started today. Apparently, you were supposed to be in it."

Okay, let me point out, my first instinct was they fucked me out of another class. TANF training is the most insanely complex of the three trainings--I mean, I can pretty much at this point do foodstamps in my sleep. Medicaid isn't that hard. TANF is the cash one, and it is oversighted and obsessed over like a twelve year old girl and Justin Timberlake. Regulations and rules out the ass. You aren't *allowed* to miss, unless you have a note from God. They will kick you out. Though not this one chick that missed three days, but we wo'nt go into that, because my bitterness on that score is still deep adn festering.

"So. You go Monday."

Okay, *WHEE*.

Seriously here. *WHEE*. I'm back on career track, more or less. I can deal with this. My Worker IV who isn't trying to quit is fucked, as she has to take the rest of my pended and ticketed cases. The schedulers are fucked, since I'm scheduled through teh next month. The other workers in the office are *severely* fucked, as they have to do all my scheduled cases.

And I feel bad for them. I spent teh rest of the afternoon, all one hour of it, frantically making notes on my clients for my Worker IV to cover. Usually, a person gets two weeks to do this. Frankly, if someone doesn't put a hit out on me for this, I'm going to be surprised.

But. I am. Going. To. Training. It's going to suck, because I fall asleep in class as a rule, and TANF is freakishly complex, but this means I'll be certified in four separate entitlement programs, I can take changes training, and I can interview for Worker IV within the next year if I want the job. This means, if I can make the time to finish my financial aid and register, I can start college again next semester, or at least by summer if changes training comes up, which was unlikely when TANF was going ot be in the spring, cause I have no illusions on how much work I have to handle once I'm done.

I just--I got *lucky*. Insanely lucky. This particular class was being held in Bryan, for people in a different region entirely, that I could not possibly attend. But at the last minute, they moved it to Austin, and I was tossed into it. Because the state is that psychotic.

There is the little problem that they put me in a class that started today adn didn't bother to tell me or my supervisor, but you know, I'm saying, *fine*. I am okay with this. I will not be ungrateful to be hanged by a new rope here. I am going to training. I am un-screwed somewhat for the career thing.

This is me, squeeing my little lungs out. Squee, oh squee, oh thank you God, squee.

Other Things

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting swamped by an insane amount of Rolex spam? And Swiss watch? It's beating the frat boys get busy porn, and that's kind of scary. My spam outnumbers my regular email ten to one. Granted, my Outloook filter catches a lot fo it, but dear God, am I tired of non-personal email.

So you know. If you're bored? You could totally email me. I don't care if it's your grocery list. Just don't pimp Swiss watches to me. Unless Lex is wearing one. Naked.


I could totally get more done on Landscape, the story that was a snippet for issaro, that's not now. The one that i was using to relax. The one that is pretty much my ode to "OMG, wouldn't it be cool if I wrote...." cause there is totally almost no other logical explanation of this one.

You nkow, things are going *good*. I'm kind of scared. But in a positive way.
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