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an abbreviated slumberparty addendum

svmadelyn put up her summary of slumberparty04 here, and that pretty much sums up my experiences as well.

But we need some clarification, I think.

Let's start here.

There was a further liquor run led by Jenn and they returned triumphant with very nice Italian liquor that I kept sneaking out of the Smallville screening room to partake in.

She *so* did not tell me she drank it. I came back to the room and there was a significant amount of it missing and did Her Organizationess mention that perhaps she drank a little? Oh no. Oh NO. And then she takes pictures, doctored in such a way as to appear that I drank it, which again, if you see, obviously, that is someone else, not me. At all.

*waves fist* I KNEW IT!

But you know. I'm cool with that.

She and I decided that if it was going to be that loud with that kind of sad music, we needed to dance, so we pulled the poor people around us into a circle and started dancing with no discernable beat, really.

They also turned off the ceiling fans for no reason whatsoever. I was wearing a sweater and shirt and started stripping off the sweater. Let me point out. I'm from Texas. You can't make me sweat at under eighty-five with seventy-five percent humidity. So whoa.

It was cool, though. I can't dance, but it was so dark, who could really tell?

earis is an amazing dancer. Also, she verbally ficlets on the spot. One might even say, she ficleted beside a tree with Christmas lights in it. And she should write it. She so should. This ficlet should not be lost to posterity.

We went back on the subway and were really enraptured by rats on the tracks, and someone started saying they were flirting with one another, and before I knew it, we were all singing 'Tainted Love'. Yes, waiting for the subway.

Okay, see, this is logical.

It's really the fault of the New York subway system, as we had to wait, and I have learned there are only two good ways for something to happen--I need to either light a cigarette or get interested in something, then boom, subway/bus/whatever shows up. It's a law.

The Rats of New York are fascinating creatures. They zip over high voltage and over discarded cans at the speed of light. We were all fascinated, and perhaps it could be thought that four of us flashed a camera every time one appeared. But this isn't about us. This is about The Romance of the Century.

See, there was this rat, and he was lonely, snuffling sadly among the metal railings and concrete, obviously looking for love, or at least, good sex. I had the feeling that this rat, alone among rats, felt alienated from his kind, because I think I have a special connection with animals that live underground. I'm pretty sure this rat had a bad childhood too.

But wait! Another rat! Of course, Rat has been burned before and was wary, what with the teeth flashing and biting and so forth, but soon realized that this was Destiny, and I really believe that we were in the presence of Epic Love.

But of course, the powerful feelings terrified the second rat, and he ran away, and Rat felt even more bereft. But wait! A third rat happened on teh scene! And then there was chasing and biting and arguing and so Tainted Love seemed very appropriate. There's even footage, maybe, and if I can ever get my program to work, I am so setting that to music, because such a love triangle you have never seen before.

And I swear, there were voices that were not ours singing along. There was also rhythmic stomping of feet. I like to think that we gave New York a good impression of tourists, that we are happy folk that sing at the drop of a hat, like The Sound of Music, but you know, with gay porn.

Other Notes

1.) One half of everything I can think of about Slumberparty starts "I was smoking with Mimi and Liz when...."

2.) The hunt for camphor was actually more of a quest. Liz, Wrenlet, Veredus, and I martyred ourselves. Well, me and Liz moreso than others. To allow Wren and Veredus ot make the trek to Walgreens quickly, we bravely volunteered to stay behind with all six bags of water, soda, candy, and assorted goodies, to protect them from random villians. During this time, we discovered that protecting bags could easily be combined with shoe shopping when the store lured you with the possibility of eighty percent off. Me and Liz bought shoes and took one for the team, and shoe buying in the name of slumberparty people everywhere can never be a bad thing.

3.) Madelyn is very smart. She also, when talking on teh phone, is oblivious to such things as green lights, traffic, and busy streets.

4.) Always ask about the fire escape.

Another story. I'm mildy claustrophobic--my big trigger is elevators. I have no idea where or why, and it's not insurmountable should the following conditions exist.

a.) I am very, very, very drunk.
b.) I am very, very, very tired and in serious leg pain.

Stairs are my friend. However, they are less friendly when they aren't accessible by the public unless you want security to go off whenever you try to get in or out. Also, they lock from the inside on the ground floor, so must be opened by someone else while the alarm blares INTRUDER at you, which is actually hugely funny the first six times, but not so much afterward.

However, I discovered my mantra, which, when combined with wishing that I could have my legs amputated, helps. My fandom is the fandom of canonical chair sex. Also, fangirls have been kind enough to narrate their favorite QaF or SV scenes at me while the elevator ascends.

The fangirls are so cool.

So. My zen place is chair sex. Who knew?

5.) It will never cease to amuse me that perfect silence descended every time a QaF sex scene came up. We all watched respectfully as Justin got himself very, very, very laid. And perhaps we drooled a little, too.

6.) On Friday, Madelyn and I put down the names of everyone that would be in each room, so when they came, they could get keys. This becomes tricky, as we had, in some cases, only LJ names to go on. thistle90 had the surreal expereince of being asked to prove she was Thistle.

Yes, that never, ever stops being funny.

7.) Do I really have a twang? Or a drawl? Seriously, that so threw me. I mean, in theory, I know environment influences vocals, but I don't hear myself. Though I have heard locals here. If you are insanely curious, I once wrote an entire story trying to use the accent of a local bartender when I was in X-Men. Seriously. Read it out loud and he sounded just like *that*.

Other Posts on Slumberparty04

Everyone else does this better, so here are a few I ran across so far. If you posted one, link me, cause that means I haven't read it and I wnat to read every one of them, as everyone did differnet things and you know, this weekend? Teh best kind of fannish overload *ever*.

svmadelyn - here
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And So Forth

What actually scared me most, and this is the thoughts going through my head on the plane, was that I'd freeze up completely. I occasionally have kicks of social anxiety. I mean, not hugely terrifying, but--okay, let me try to put this in perspective.

When I was a kid, and you know, pretty much up until now, my idea of a conversation starter can be kind of bizarre. My most vivid memory was how I greeted my grandmother one day, when I was about fourteen and obsessed with genealogy. Of royalty in Europe.

Me: Mimi! Did you know that it was legal for uncles to marry nieces in the Hapsburg dynasty?

I'm almost sure that this convinced my grandmother I had unhealthy feelings for family members. I was more fascinated by the fact that they never seemed to notice that they kept spawning an inordinate number of extraordinarily ugly and/or completely insane rulers. Go look at a genealogy one day of the ruling families of Austria and Spain one day set during the Holy Roman Empire. It's *surreal*. The Bourbons weren't much better, but at least they stuck to double double first cousins.

Usually, anyway.

So you know, not so good with the small talk. It didn't occur to me, until I saw Madelyn, that I could actually just stand there and gush about my current obsession and that was considered proper conversation in this place. It was like a parallel universe. People would sit down and actually discuss how very much Clark wants to blow Lex and dear God, life was good. Though my fingers were kind of freaked out, as they are used to doing the communicating in this.

So. There you go. And now I keep mishearing and thinking someone says Yuki and remembering the cuteness of him being bowled over and OMG they are so Justin and Brian in anime form. *bounces* So. Damn. *Cute*.

I'm kind of doomed, aren't I? Very, very, very doomed.

Shut up, Pru. Don't even *think* it.
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