Seperis (seperis) wrote,

post slumberparty recovery

I can honestly say that my legs and feet have never had this kind of workout, and I'm including the horror of cross country conditioning in high school.

But so worth it. That was, in fact, the weekend that is better than the invention of sliced bread and I really like sandwiches, so that is totally saying something.

fox1013 has her highlight list here and veredus has hers here.

My God, a lot happened. I was thinking of doing mine in haiku, but quickly realized that I have no idea how to haiku.


svmadelyn is amazing. She is organized and bright and smart and has the most adorable voice ever and a bitterness toward Pantene shampoo that must be heard. I have ritually tossed all of it in the name of healthy hair. She is endlessly creative and so fantastic at everything she does. Huge appreciation for her hard work and the Spreadsheet of Ultimate Organization.

Just had to get that out of the way.

I have never, ever been so utterly and completely immersed in fandom with so many brilliant people. talitha78 totally pimped Gravitation, and another fannish barrier of mine falls, because dear God, anime. Rocks.

I'm still reeling from the coolness. Every night was amazing. Everyone was so cool, and I only panicked at the Saturday night thing in realization that OMG I READ THESE PEOPLE AND OCCASIONALLY COMPOSE ODES TO THEM.

*breathes* But you know. Cool. 'Cause I am a bastion of coolness. This was especially apparent when I was making desperate runs outside to think OMG ASTOLAT (Rivkat, scribblinlenore, etc) JUST TALKED TO ME! SENTENCES! And to notice that there is a discount pet store, in which fox1013 commented on what exactly constituted a discount pet.

You know, if I had more shame, this would embarrass me. Of course, I let some people convince me to wear the leather pants of weirdness, so really, I ran out of shame really fast.

More when I can feel my feet again. I cannot believe how much we got done, especially considering I don't think anyone went to bed earlier than five every morning.

veredus's summary is killing me.
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