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children of dune - leto 1
So today, it sank in, during my watching of SV, or parts of it, as I was donig that thing known as 'packing', which could be mistaken for me, runnign around, looking for clothes to wash. And running out of detergent. And how cold is NY? Do I need multiple sweaters and jackets?

This is such a small, insignificant spoiler, I have no idea why I'm cutting. Cause honestly? It's math.

Clark is seventeen right now. According to Jonathan.


If I go back three years, I have, in fact, have written a fourteen year old Clark Kent nailing Lex.

I need to lie down. After the laundry is done. Just, you know. Think on my evil.

Christ. Fourteen.

*chews on nails*

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We're wearing coats in NY.

Just saying.

Okay, packing coats. Okay, fashion question, since this never ever comes up in Texas--should they like, match my outfit in some way?

I *am* that weird, yes. *grins*

That's not a bad question, but, no, they don't. Except, maybe, you would wear a long coat with a dressy outfit, as opposed to a short jacket. Coats are all considered neutral in color, even when they're not. And accessories - hats, scarves, gloves - shouldn't clash. They can match or contrast, but they shouldn't clash. Unless the hat is meant to be worn with your indoor clothes, in which case, it can clash.

(Sorry. I'm really excited right now - I just bought a *gorgeous* down coat and it arrived tonight and I cannot wait to wear it. It's long so it's good for skirts, and it's so warm.)

Yeah--they're so terrible at keeping their birthdays and ages straight on this show! Arrgh!

*whimpering under pillow* So very evil and wrong. My comfort right now is that they *completely got his age wrong* (parents) when they decided how old he was.


Jonathan was in a coma when Clark had his birthday. He doesn't know what's going on.

OOh. That is totally true.

*ponders* I like that.

Yeah, I went through the exact same thought process: So, I've been reading chan for the last two years. Huh.

New York was damn cold last night. Of course I was sitting outside for four hours at a ballgame, but still: expect 40s and possibly even 30s at night.

Yeah, I went through the exact same thought process: So, I've been reading chan for the last two years. Huh.

The worst part is my sheer lack fo guilt. I mean, so very lacking. *so ashamed*

New York was damn cold last night. Of course I was sitting outside for four hours at a ballgame, but still: expect 40s and possibly even 30s at night.

Okay, packing more sweaters. That should work. *crosses fingers* And coats.

Try being in HP fandom.

Even if we don't write it or read it, we know it's there. And sometimes. We can't resist.

If I go back three years, I have, in fact, have written a fourteen year old Clark Kent nailing Lex.

*pets you* Can I just say, Clark was an awfully big kid. Awfully big for his supposed age (or the age the Kents assumed). If it makes you feel better, think about the fact that we have no way of proving whether he was three, five or seven when the Kents found him (maybe Kryptonians are born tiny and grow taaaaaaaaall).

Does that help? *g*

I've only been in Austin for a year - lived in New York for 25.

Considering the wool sweaters came out here last week, when it was like 70 - I would definitely bring some to New York :)

Don't panic, and, how many is that in human years again?

It has been going down into the 40s at night here lately but definitely not the 30s, and leather jackets and/or black match everything. Also, it's not actually that cold during the day, especially if you are walking around (I found myself sweating in my winter coat earlier this week), but the best thing to do is layer and bring a scarf, hat, and gloves so you can always take them off if you get too warm--of course, if you're used to it being really warm all the time it might feel colder to you than it would to me so that might not even be an issue.

Re the seventeen thing, yeah, but... two words: Kryptonian physiology. (I mean, I was never officially in the fandom and even I know that *g*).

he's 17? but he was 15 in the pilot. so that means that over the course of three years... he's aged two. the hell?

Don't worry about it. No matter what his alleged age was on the show, he himself was 25 at the time. You're not a big pervert.

Tom Welling is older than I am. I mean, I know there's a difference between the actor and the character, but for crying out loud, if we weren't meant to perv on him, they shouldn't have cast a *mid-twenties model.*

And this is a very good point. If they had cast a real live 14/15 year old boy, I'd just perv on Jonathan.

I have thought about this more than is healthy:

He had to be at least 15 in the pilot - he was driving. No way the Kents are gonna let an unlicensed 14 year old drive around town. That just is not happening. Although - even though I know about states where the minimum driving age is 15 if you can prove hardship - I have only seen it once. So that is just weird.

And then at some point in the second season they made his birthday in the spring - but even then he complains that it is not his real birthday. I have decided that there was a strange time flux in which Clark was fifteen for an extended period of time, but now that aberration has normalized and he will be 18 this spring. It was because of the meteor rocks. This also means that Lex is still just 23. No one else's ages were affected. I could write a story or something explaining this - I just won't ever finish it.

And there is just no way that Clark is physically 17 now. Not really - Martha decided to make him 3 when they got him so he wouldn't feel bad about being so delayed. Most kids his size hit their growth spurts end of freshman/beginning of sophmore year. Clark was over six feet tall in the eighth grade apparently. That is unusal.

Then I started thinking about how they made Lana's birthday in the early fall this year and about how she is most likely 18 now - living alone, dating a faculty member - etc. And I was thinking about how it is strange that she did not start kindergarten until she was 6. This is not uncommon for boys cause they sometimes do better with a year added on to start school - but not expected for fairy princess Lana. She should be in college already - she should have started kindergarten right when she turned 5.

Then I decided that Lana had severe separation anxiety and Nell *did* try to start her in kindergarten (because damn, she just needed a break, yo) and Lana cried for 2 days straight - unstopping tantrums and then school decided she was not ready for kindergarten.

So Nell - thinking ahead - started arranging playdates with Emily Dismore. The next year - as long as Emily was going to be there, Lana had not trouble going to half-day kindergarten.

This leads me to my conclusion that Chloe is the only age appropriate senior we see on a regular basis. Poor Chloe. She needs to hang with kids her own age.

There's no way Clark can be just 17. He had his 17th birthday at the end of season 2. Remember Lana brought him that cake? He *had* to turn 18 at the end of S3 - remember the spoilers about the birthday party Lex was going to throw for him at the mansion? We even saw the decorations but the party was cut for time. Clark is 18.

Okay, 17 is just mad. Didn't someone...man, I can't really remember..was it LaT? I think it was LaT; anyway, she worked out his age sometime in the second season from his adoption papers and put him at 17 then. It was something about Lucas and the dates that Metropolis United Charities (or whatever it was called) was open. I should really go look that up.

This is Smallville we're talking about. They can't even remember proper names from one episode to the next (Numan and Seget? Naman and Zegeeth?), you can't expect them to do math! Clark was 15 in S1, he had his 17th birthday in S2, and is hence *not still 17*. Just nod and smile.

........ is it a bad thing that this idea turns me on?

Er. Yeah.

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