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children of dune - leto 1
Description boggles.

For a number of reasons that cannot be adequately covered here, I missed going to my hairperson yesterday to get it colored. Now, to clarify, I have been doing my own dyeing of hair for *years*, so it didn't seem such a stretch to do it again, since I wouldn't have time to see her before Thursday.

That is what I *thought*.

We won't discuss the color. It is frightening and small children flee the scene. Well, my inner child did, anyway. Currently, me and the scissors are having a heart-to-heart. Tehre is such a good chance that we are going to connect ina variety of ways.

Just. I didn't actually think this shade of purple existed. Or even *should*.

I am going to have a slow, egotistical nervous breakdown. I need to go buy *hats*.

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Oh boy. Sorry to hear this.

A good colorist can fix mistakes. There is also color removal stuff at the drug store.

Or you can wash it a bunch of times with clarifying shampoo.

You can guess how I know these things.

A bunch of times with the clarifying shampoo sounds *really* good.

*bites nails* Maybe after it's a little lighter, I might grow to like it? Like, fungus.

I am comparing my hair to fungus. Oh, this can't be good.

Hair seems to be such a small thing--until something goes wrong. I really hope you can get yours all fixed up tomorrow!!! :)

Oh, sweet God. *headdesks*

Also, we should maybe always go with my first instinct on things and why, I do believe that was not to home color. But you reassured and said Oh, oh, I've done this for *ten years* and I now I feel badly for encouraging you on.

But I trusted you. I trusted you!

Note that I am saying all of this so that no previous conversation can come back and like, well, bite me.


I... kind of want to encourage you to keep it like this at least til Saturday.

Is that wrong?

Purple? Like, grape purple? I've been looking for a permanent purple... 'cause all I can find is manic panic and other semi-permanent colors.

I once tried to dye my hair this red/auburn color in college. It came out horribly bright and splotchy. I covered hair in hat for the day and went out and bought a darker color (same brand of dye) to cover it with.

So I dyed it with dk brown that night (my original hair color is dark blonde, btw), and the dyes mixed, and I ended up with a slightly darker shade of the color I'd originally been shooting for, a deep auburn. It was beautiful, and I was very lucky.

Just an idea if you don't have time for the other stuff suggested :)

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