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really random what I am reading post

So, I read this story.

Right, this is not new. If I'm not reading some story, I'm writing one, or staring at a blank document meaningfully, which really should count, and I don't see why it doesn't. But we won't go there.

So I read this story. And I'm still working out why I like it. I mean, not in a I'll-ever-read-this-again way, because it just isn't the kind of story I go back to for a lift in mood, you know? And I'm almost sure that the characterization isn't really what I would have expected--except you know, right in this story, especially if I think of Kal mand some of the more interesting characterizations of Lex during Season One, it really, really does, at least for the length of time it took to read it.

You koow, I'm not usually this ambivalent about a story. But there you go. New things every day.

Very, very hard AU, threesome-ish. Pretty much.

The Russett Taint by Kirsten Sea

Bugging Clark by Jojo. That was just funny. I wish there'd been more, though. But still. Funny as hell.

I Touch Myself by Abi. Don't let frightening images of Divine drive you off. It felt humorish at first, which was totally a mindtrick, and okay, the almost total dialogue at the beginning isn't what I'm used to seeing, but whoa. This is, in a lot of ways, a really cool way of seeing Clark, who isn't so much the uberdork at all, nor is he considered so by anyone. But man, he can still be stupid. But in a really, really smutty way, which I approve of.

You know, the SSA is very large. Yes, this is just sinking in, but I remember when the archive number was at zero, dammit. It's *weird*.

Dear God, I feel old.
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