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leather of woes

I am weak.

This chick in town runs what i like to call the Perpetual Garage Sale--she buys out old storage places and auctions adn things like that for dirt cheap, then sells what she gets for--well, garage sale prices. And she gets--dear god, she gets some great stuff.

I picked up a couple of shirts and a really cute set of pajamas once there, and some shorts for Child. But you know, it was a casual thing.

Then, apparently, she got the storage shed of someone who had money.

There was an entire *jeep* involved. Silk bed linens. Towels to commit murder for. Dining room set from hell. A set of passports--don't ask.

But also, leather.


I now own two leather coats, a leather tea length skirt, and--okay, this is *so* embarrassing--two pairs of leather pants. I averaged fifteen dollars an item, along with a red leather coat for my mom. And I didn't even put a *dent* in the massive pile of good smellingness there.

Where do you wear *leather pants*?

*facepalms again*

Did I mention that one pair is *black leather*? So soft I want to *sleep on them*? They *smell good*. And--it was like the spirit of someone who really isn't me took over my body and said, buy them! So I am *running* to the ATM and--yeah.

Beth was less than encouraging.

Jenn: I just blew *so much money* on two coats, two pairs of pants, and a skirt.
Jenn: And I have no idea where the *hell* i'm supposed to wear black leather pants.
girlinthetrilby: *raises an eyebrow*
girlinthetrilby: living in our fic, are we?

I so am NOT. This was for work, kind of. Except--seriously. What the *hell* was I thinking?

Tomorrow is Purse and Shoe Day.

I. Am. So. Fucked.

What shoes go with black leather or brown suede pants? I mean, from curiosity. Not that there is anywhere that I can wear them that I can think of.
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