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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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leather of woes
poor me
I am weak.

This chick in town runs what i like to call the Perpetual Garage Sale--she buys out old storage places and auctions adn things like that for dirt cheap, then sells what she gets for--well, garage sale prices. And she gets--dear god, she gets some great stuff.

I picked up a couple of shirts and a really cute set of pajamas once there, and some shorts for Child. But you know, it was a casual thing.

Then, apparently, she got the storage shed of someone who had money.

There was an entire *jeep* involved. Silk bed linens. Towels to commit murder for. Dining room set from hell. A set of passports--don't ask.

But also, leather.


I now own two leather coats, a leather tea length skirt, and--okay, this is *so* embarrassing--two pairs of leather pants. I averaged fifteen dollars an item, along with a red leather coat for my mom. And I didn't even put a *dent* in the massive pile of good smellingness there.

Where do you wear *leather pants*?

*facepalms again*

Did I mention that one pair is *black leather*? So soft I want to *sleep on them*? They *smell good*. And--it was like the spirit of someone who really isn't me took over my body and said, buy them! So I am *running* to the ATM and--yeah.

Beth was less than encouraging.

Jenn: I just blew *so much money* on two coats, two pairs of pants, and a skirt.
Jenn: And I have no idea where the *hell* i'm supposed to wear black leather pants.
girlinthetrilby: *raises an eyebrow*
girlinthetrilby: living in our fic, are we?

I so am NOT. This was for work, kind of. Except--seriously. What the *hell* was I thinking?

Tomorrow is Purse and Shoe Day.

I. Am. So. Fucked.

What shoes go with black leather or brown suede pants? I mean, from curiosity. Not that there is anywhere that I can wear them that I can think of.

Where do you wear *leather pants*?

In New York, silly! Heeheehee... and leather pretty much begs for boots.

What kind fo boots? like, wallet-killing boots, or reasonably priced boots> What should they look like?

I am going to look like an idiot no matter what, aren't I?

*sighs* *strokes pants* *feels better*

A tailored sweater

silk shirt and blazer

just a question of mixing and matching textures.

Leather pants are okay for work if they're tasteful, not f*ck-me pants.


I have no idea if these are tasteful. Well, the brown ones are, and I can wear them to work, they're suedeish and wonderful, but the black are--well. I--it's like my inner fanfic writer took control for a second. Boots with them?

See, God should not send me to find these things. He should send people with *sense*.

You know, looking at the black and considering the fit, I'm thinking these are not something one wears to dignified occasions.


Leather pants, to me, SCREAM "con".

But that may just be me.

*misses own leather pants*


If I can ever get the courage to wear them.

Where do you wear *leather pants*?


*grins* I need an occasion for everyone to wear theirs so I can feel normal.

God, this is bar none, the weirdest impulse buy ever.

me is wishing I lived near you so I could shop too.

As for boots to wear with leather pants check out the link


Oh man, those are pretty!

*looks at price*

I don't *need* food, do I? I mean, just for a week or two.

my evil boots would go with the leather pants. *giggles*

*sniffles pathetically*

*sniffles more*

*hurts inside*

I. So. Hate. You.

*looks online at boots*

*is jealous*

I only own one leather coat. 1. and its more a keep me warm type of coat rather than a really nice, fitted leather coat.

one is a bomber style, the other this straight thing that kind of almost goes with the skirt. I just felt it and then bought, because I am weak like that.

*whimpers* I am so weak.

"Where do you wear *leather pants*?"

Um, The Warehouse District?

*poke* :)

Oh yes, so *everyone* can laugh at the girl in the leather pants.

*bites nails* Next time you are in Austin? You can go with me to do *just that*. And protect me from the laughter.

*stares at them* I should make them into apillow or something. So soft.

The short ones on the first page with the wrinkles at the front. In a blue or purple colour, not too bright.


From that link above that was posted?

Purple? really?


I once had an urge to buy some black leather pants too. I now have a pair that hangs in my closet that have only seen the light of day whenever I go to concerts. They are known as my 'concert pants'.

Ooh. Concert pants! tha's a good idea!

What shoes and top do you use? I might as well go all teh way and get an ensemble going here.

It seems like you paid 1/20th of what these items would really go for so, in that respect at least, you have nothing to feel guilty for. When you do figure out your hows and wheres of wearing these goodies? Wear 'em in good health. *g*

BTW - bling-bling is the rap term for over large, flashy, generally gold with diamonds jewelry or the the extremely 'actually meant to be obvious' costume knock-offs.

Think J-Lo, P-Diddy, The Sopranos, etc. I'm a New Yorker, I've seen this stuff for years before the current fad. To me, that much jewelry is just tacky.

But the expression for even one flashy piece in moderation is still called bling-bling. Heh.

Shame you didn't find a corset too. *eg* *thinks of your fic* *more eg*



Re: Whoa, congrats!

MMm. *Corset*.

*grins* THAT would go with the pants!

I'm scared of blings, I think.

Honestly? I have leather pants. I wear them to the mall, to the movies, out to dinner at IHOP, anywhere I please, really. I love my leather pants, even if they're not *real* leather. They're close enough that most people can't tell.

Basically, you can wear leather pants anywhere you want to. I've always said "It's not the occasion, it's the attitude." You can wear them to the corner store to pick up bread, if that's your fancy. :-)

*black leather*? So soft I want to *sleep on them*? They *smell good*.

You know, for only $15? I'd seriously consider turning them into a body pillow.

Of course, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing black leather pants. Or rather, everyone else would spork their eyes out.

lol! You mean where don't you wear leather pants! People can appreciate them at any social occasion *g* Although I'm very jealous - I've always wanted a leather jacket.

I am jealous.

Not that I can wear black leather pants right now with my weight being what it is, but I've always wanted a pair.