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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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multiples of things
New Levels of Narcissism

About an hour ago, I rammed my head into the sharp part of the cabinet door.

I did not stop to see if I was bleeding out. I did not wonder if I was concussed. I ran for a mirror to see if the wound was visible and, if it was bleeding, if my hair would cover the wound. Because I do not want everyoen who sees me in NY to see me with a black eye.

Yes, this is the person you have trusted to do your coordinating.

In case you are curious, it's high on my temple, right side, just below the hairline, and it's not really bleeding, but it is swelling.

This baby is being iced down.


We are doing polls there for Saturday activities. Left to our own devices, we will schedule you into oblivion, so jump in and tell us what you want to do, or where, or how. Ellis island and the Met are possibly on teh agenda. We jsut want suggestions so we can split up if necessary and all know where each other is so, should one of us disappear, we can credibly tell the police "She was totally supposed to be at the Place with the Thing."

Cause we care about y'all liek that.

So go to slumberparty04 and *vote*. Suggest. Tell us what you want. We are here to please.

Things of No Consequence

This is mostly to issaro-okay, you wanted that fic, remember, that you asked me for? And I showed you teh beginning? And then it stopped. And then, I was reading eveyrone's suggestions for fic-writing clearing-headedness, and I finally figured out what it was about.

So. It's--well, it's doing stuff now. And I need a beta. Want to volunteer? It's not done, but it's moving along nicely, which is kind of funny, so if you want to, I'll send it. I was considering posting it as a WiP, but I don't think it would work--ti's just bizarre. Comment if you want me to send it, kay?


Teh current playlist.

My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Imagine - A Perfect Circle
A Mad World - Gary Jules
My World - SR-71
Try Not to Breathe - REM
Acid - Emm Gryner (I will never stop blaming Rhi for introing me to her. She's amazing. I wnat everything she's ever done.)
Lonely Road of Faith - Kid Rock

I'm telling you, if I end up writing multipe death AUs, no one could possibly blame me.

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if I end up writing multipe death AUs

this line cracks me up.. O__o

*makes appointment with shrink*

oh my god yes!!!

do you have to ask? *twirls about in joy*

stupid work won't let me pull things off of hotmail (firewall/security issues) so i'll send my direct addy to you.

i can't wait!

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