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spam strikes
children of dune - leto 1
The Thing That Makes Me Go Ouch

I have learned the slow and hard way the methods of filtering spam out and keeping email I want in. Still get a lot of spam, but not as *much* spam.

But. Thought.

And I'm saying this as a woman, so maybe I just am not a judge.

Who in their right mind would buy a penis extender?

I mean, think about this. A penis extender--I mean, does anyone but me get a visual from like, Hellraiser or the torture scenes in Ben-Hur? Is anyone sane going to sit down, send for the extender kit, snap that sucker on, and stretch his penis without the benefit of some seriously, seriously serious drugs? Or a serious psychological issue?

I'm trying not to imagine the clitorial equivalent, which is like not thinking of a pink elephant, and you know, I may never, ever be having any kind of sex again now.


Other Spam

I'm getting a lot of adultery spam. I have no idea how this trend started, but there are, apparently, a lot of horny mohters (spelling from the subject line) who are looking for a good time. The teenage barely legal thing's trickled off. Horny frat boys offering up their cherry is going strong. Mortgages are the lowest rates in history. I'm disappointed by this new habit of not having a subject line, though--I mean, if they're going ot take the trouble to send it, they should damn well give me a subject line to enjoy instead of making me delete without looking.

Note: setting your filters to take out anything with the misspelled version of 'come' in the subject line does wonders.

My adventures in spam are sadly perhaps the most interesting part of my life to date. *sighs*

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Speaking of Penis Extenders

This isn't exactly relevant to the discussion of Ghastly Spam, but you might find it interesting:

In Shogun (the book the miniseries was based on) there's a very erotic scene in which Mariko shows Blackthorn a collection of Japanese sex toys. Among them is a gorgeous jade tube, richly carved (it might be carved to look like a penis; I don't remember). Mariko tells Blackthorn it's used by men who aren't "lavish" in the dick department: they put it on over their cock to better pleasure the ladies.

The scene is incredibly hot, and Blackthorn's reaction is priceless.

(No, she doesn't mention whether the jade tube is warmed up first :)

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