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this is fannish whining

Okay, I get being disappointed by an ep. Seriously. But I swear, ClarkLex list is going to drive me to either drink, no-mail, or unsub, and ooh. *bites nails* There's this insane urge to post a reply to this one post that just--urgh.

And I don't really *like* to drink.

*taps fingers on the desk to kill the urge*

You know, I've made my peace with the entire death of Clex declarations, since I can spot those by the first line of the post and know to avoid. And I am even sort of calm with the concept of not liking Lois, though let me point out, I was perfectly willing to hate her and now I seriously want to write Clark/Lois. I won't, I'm way, way too OTP to do that without someone ending up depressed at the end of the story or dead, but I *like* her, and I didn't want to, and dammit, that's not fair. And I like her better than Chloe and Lana, and I like her better than *Clark* for God's sake. If Clark was killed off and they turned this into the Lois and Lex's Adventures in Smallville, I would hang up my slash goggles. I so would. She's exactly what they should have been trying to do with Chloe, dammit.

So you know, I'm all about everyone's opinions and bitterness, as I have spent quality time loathing one or more characters at a stretch and doing it over multiple posts--but I also reserve the right to say, *back the fuck off* with the really nonsubtle jabs at those who like her and the line in the sand feeling going on. Liking her is not a betrayal of The Freaking Holiness of The Clark and Lex.

My zen place is miella's Holy Cookies of Positive Thinking.
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