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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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things that don't annoy me at all
children of dune - leto 1
Things That Are Relieving

Hotel room stuff done. irishcaelan is, I think, mostly responsible for the rate we finally got. It will be posting in the slumberparty04 journal as soon as svmadelyn approves. We chose the simplest method, which seems to be working. Check it when you get a chance.

Things That Are Kind of Funny

I didn't think she was serious.

We got bored and svmadelyn posted it. I really want to say, it was midnight and seriously, I was sleepy. That SNL skit should be seen by everyone, though. *nodnodnod* I wnat to see it. So. Much.

Things That Make Me Go Hmm

Smallville last night. That was. Well. Hmm. I just kept thinking, I've *seen* this before. But in a good way. Not in a "that was totally the SV writers playing Remix Redux this summer". No sir. Not me.

miella sent me cookies! Oh my God, the cookies going on here. Because she is awesome and wonderful adn perfect. And I love her.


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Lost is calling to me, seriously. Too much more of this, and SV will become "the show I tape and watch after Lost," 'stead of the other way around.


*basks* lol. Good to know they finally arrived. Yay for chocolate!

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